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Wow, I would not believe it if I hadnt looked at a calendar. The Year is NEW and it snuck up on me. I guess having the flu is a reason why! Anyway, I wanted to say to everyone out Have a Happiest New Year Ever and May it be a Prosperous and Joyful Year to YOU And Yours!!! May God Bless Us All, through Jesus Christ , Our Lord, Amen... » Read More

27 shining stars that are shining brighter this Holiday Season and forever more

On December 14th, The world changed forever. Evil Lurks in this terrible world we live in but in Connecticut they witnessed the most evil I have ever seen. Please to all who hear me now, Please tip your head and close your eyes, and with those tears, say a prayer to those killed by a deranged young man who woke up and went into his mothers room, for some unknown reason, and he shot his mother in the face, I tell you this because this shows the anger and evilness that extruded from this young man. In my eyes, he was so upset with his mother he lost it. After he killed his mother, he did not have enough revenge on her, so he went to ... » Read More


Today I have told myself it is time to share my work with more then just the buyer, but to others who wish to see how I come up with my designs and what makes me tick in the issues of designing wire wrap jewelry. Today, I am pledging to start my blog and continue with respect of my creations, Its time for me to share . So Here I am, My name is Pamela Perkins, I am THEE WIRE WHISPERER, COIFFURE.The name coiffure comes from my former career as a Hair designer, I was a cosmetologist for 30 plus years, until I had an accident that forced me to retire. I use to work with many mediums of crafts but wire jewelry always kept me captivated. I have been in ... » Read More