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Sugar-free Trick-or-Treat

Need classroom party favors? Or just special "treats" for those special trick-or-treaters" ... These felt hand puppets are perfect for you. Pumpkin and Ghost Puppet set Requests for multiple puppets are discounted. If you need a class set of ghosts or pumpkins, let me know soon. Craftsbymarie... » Read More

Giving a gift of wine this holiday season?

How will you “wrap” it? Given these 3 choices, which will you choose? 1) An unimaginative gift bag or one with the wine shop logo (ugh)?  2) The iconic brown paper bag wrap? 3) Or a hand knitted hat and scarf to decorate your gift?  Choose an eco-friendly (reusable as a holiday decoration or a doll hat and scarf), handmade topper for your wine gift. It can remain on display for the whole season to remind your friends of your gift. A variety of sets are available in my shop and custom requests are welcome. Please allow time to knit and ship custom orders. For custom requests, click on the "contact seller" ... » Read More

Hand Knit Christmas Stockings

It is that time of the year! Plan ahead, and you'll have your own family heirloom. My mother knit them for over 50 years, and now I knit them. I'd love to create a new family tradition or continue an old tradition for your family, I love knitting these stockings.Snowman and Santa designs are available in the shop, however, I also custom knit Christmas stockings upon request, in other patterns. Many have asked me to duplicate the stocking their Grandmother or Great Aunt made, so they have one for a new child or grandchild.  It is time to make sure you order your Christmas stocking, to have it arrive for the holidays. Each year, man... » Read More

Smiling for the Christmas Portrait

Three striped stocking hats in 12 days...If I knit really fast, and I knit one every 4 days, I should be done in time... I feel a little like the Little Engine that Could. I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!Two hats are done and one more to go. Three days to go, but really only two, since I have to work. I need a holiday, so I can knit all day. A young family in Alaska will be smiling for their Christmas portrait, since they'll be receiving three adorable hand knit hats on schedule.One for the Dad, one for the Mom, and one for the brand new baby. Red and white stripes that remind me of Dr. Seuss, or Where's Waldo, w... » Read More

Make your own conductive gloves

Want to use your iPhone in the cold? Fingerless gloves help, but if you want to keep your gloves on, you need to make these conductive gloves. Quick and easy to make with these directions by Becky Stern. All you need is a pair of gloves, a needle, and some conductive thread. Now all I need to do if find out where to buy "conductive thread".    ... » Read More

Make Care Tags for Your Handmade Gifts

If you make knitted or crocheted items for someone else, I found a great way to include the care instructions. Sara Rivka blogs about her idea here. ... » Read More