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Precious Pink Baby Blanket

Yes, I'm beginning a new baby blanket without first finishing the other one I'm working on.  But this delicate "precious pink" yarn was just too hard to resist!  Here's my test swatch: Okay, first few inches are done (I always feel like that's the hardest part - unless there's seaming to do...) and I think it's going to be just darling! Here's front and back: For blocking, I've stretched the blanket out, so you can really see the stitches here: [2010-03-30] It's a beautiful day outside today, so I decided it was time for some pictures! Here's the finished piece, so be looking for it in my studio soon! [originally published in February ... » Read More

Helmet Liner for Our Troops

Annie's Attic recently posted both knit and crochet patterns for helmet liners that can be made for our troops overseas during colder weather: So I'm trying my hand at knitting again.  Can you believe this is only 30 minutes worth of work!? Ugh! I SO prefer crocheting to all this fiddly knit 1, "make 1" stuff!Okay, now this I can handle! Knit, knit, knit. Around and around and around. Too easy!All right, things are about to get interesting again...Who comes up with this madness!? First double pointed needles, then circulars, now TWO circulars PLUS a crochet hook! Okay, the ... » Read More

Striped Baby Cardigan

Here are the first six inches of my second baby project so far this year - can't tell much about it yet, though! Okay, so NOW it's starting to look like something. :) I meant to get a picture of it before I started on the hood, but I got carried away and forgot - so it looks like it's got a collar right now... But not for long! All done! And finished on the road, too. :) Here's a close up of the buttons - since they're just so darn cute! [originally published in January of 2010]... » Read More

Bracelets for Kaylee

Macrame isn't something I've done in recent memory, but when my cousin started making hairbows to sell to help raise money to support a close friend of the family whose daughter, Kaylee, is in the hospital with brain trauma, I decided that it would be a good way to help them out - since I'm not much of a bow-maker. I figured a simple pattern would be best, so I reacquainted myself with some basic techniques and set off (after a little practice). I began with two lengths of cord approximately five feet long.  The center (filler) cords only need to be a couple inches longer than the intended length of the bracelet, so I tied the loop ... » Read More

Climbing Leaves Design

These last couple days I've been working on a new design (husband's in the field so I've got some extra time), probably for a scarf, but it's working up a bit wider than I'd imagined... Taking out the row of shells narrowed it up some - and I think I like the brighter beads, too. All right, I think we're getting there! :) It's a bit more open but I'm still playing with the ropes. [2010-10-05] Finally finished this scarf! I got all sorts of hung up on how to finish it once I finally got it long enough to suit me (actually, it was a matter of making it just long enough because I got really tired of it). But one day I sat down and refused to get u... » Read More

Back to the Knitting

Finally picking the knitting needles back up - time for another Christmas stocking! Moving right along now...So I forgot to take any more pictures until I was dunking it in its bath... Oops.Blocking always does a stocking good:Stitched a fat little gingerbread man on, sewed it up the back, and we're all done![originally posted in November of 2010]... » Read More

My First Dye Job

So I want to make this green teddy bear -but I want it to be more of a Christmas green than a pale green, but I also want it to be fuzzy and of course the carrying yarn that I like to use is only in pale colors.  *sigh*  So I thought I'd try my hand at dyeing!I started out by wrapping a suitable amount of the yarn around the back of one of my dining room chairs:Then I placed four twist ties evenly spaced around it to try and keep it from tangling - which this yarn just LOVES to do.Since it's a polyamide yarn, I wasn't sure if it would dye at all, so I got both Rit and Tulip dyes in two different shades of green and a turquois... » Read More

Caps for Good

Two days ago I learned about Save the Children and Warm Up America's Caps for Good program - when there were only two weeks left to help them reach their goal of four million caps!  I did a little research and found a couple different patterns to try out that met their parameters.  My first hat seemed tiny, but it's actually one of the larger sizes they need at a circumference of twelve inches.      I spent most of the day experimenting with different patterns and yarns (and stashbusting!), making four tiny little hats that will fit only on low-birthweight babies' heads.  If you would also like to help in t... » Read More

Crochet a Rainbow

2011-04-01 During the month of April, I will be working on a project in support of Sarah London's Crochet a Rainbow effort.  She is collecting five round granny squares from crocheters across the globe, which she will stitch together to make blankets that will be distributed to victims of the flood in Australia, as well as to earthquake victims in Japan.  My goal is to crochet one granny square each day this month, in a rainbow of colors.  If you are interested in participating as well, please visit Sarah's blog and if you're a Raveler you can also join the Crochet a Rainbow Group on Ravelry.  Please find step by step photo instruct... » Read More

Rosary Repair

I recently had a special request that rather took me by surprise: rosary repair.  Having learned how to make jewelry from my Grandmother, who taught me while she was making rosaries for missions, I am fairly familiar with them.  However, not being Catholic myself, it never even occurred to me that I could or should make them myself.  But when my husband's aunt came to me with the rosary that her dog had chewed into multiple pieces, I immediately agreed to see what I could do.  Once I got to looking at it, though, I knew I wouldn't be able to simply replace the chewed bits with new wire and chain that would match without some serious r... » Read More

A Parade of Bears

A few months ago, I decided to try my hand at amigurumi.  I made a terribly cute little girl dressed as a lady bug (see my gallery for a photo) and this unfortunately overstuffed and not tightly enough stitched teddy bear: It took me hours online to find a teddy bear pattern that I liked and then I still wasn't as pleased as I'd hoped. But I did another bear with the same pattern, adjusting my hook size, adding a fuzzy fingering weight yarn (which I really liked the effect of), and was much happier with it. Just recently, however, I tried it yet again with a finer yarn and was rather disappointed with the results. Here are the two of them:... » Read More

Something in the Water

2011-01-29 "Plastic, the most prevalent component of ocean debris, threatens life on earth because it persists so long in the water. Over time, it breaks down into tinier and tinier bits that are eaten by the smallest marine life at the base of our food web. PCBs, DDT and other toxic chemicals don’t dissolve in water and the plastic actually absorbs them like a sponge. Fish that eat plankton feed mistakenly on the tiny particles that leach into the tissue of the fish. As the toxins work their way up the food change, scientists believe that some commonly found in our bloodstreams and even breast milk may have originated from this source.â... » Read More

Thread Crochet Flower Hair Clips

Looking for a last minute gift to make for a special little girl? Check out my latest free pattern for these darling little flower hair clips! They're made with cotton crochet thread and a 1.65mm crochet hook, but you can use any size thread or yarn - you can make some really fun flowers with art yarn! I'd recommend using a hook that's slightly smaller than whatever yarn you choose suggests; it helps you make tighter stitches. I used 32mm clips with three holes in them so that I could sew the flower to the clip and not just glue it on, but if you don't have a craft store handy, you could use plain clips from the hair accessories section of you... » Read More

Baby Blues Lace Blanket

January already finds me with a list of new projects! A skein and a half into this lovely little lacy blue baby blanket, I've just started a blue striped baby cardigan - both of which are for a new baby coming along in April. Here's a closeup of the stitch in the baby blanket - it's surprisingly delicate for crochet and makes a wonderfully light blanket for those Spring and Summer babies. :) [2010-04-15] Well, I finally decided on how much longer to make this one - and how to do the border, which possibly took even longer! Picots are not my favorite. :- / And a final pic, gift card included. After I reconstructed the chair that my gran... » Read More

Chasing Snowflakes

My mother used to make almost all of the ornaments for our Christmas tree.  I remember spray painted sweet gum balls and stringing popcorn for a garland in particular.  But some of my favorite ornaments were the thread crochet snowflakes she made.  Some of them were small, some of them were glittery, and of course there was a tree topper, too.  A few years ago, I decided that I was gonna try to make some myself.  Ha!  I could no more figure out how to use that tiny crochet thread with that nearly microscopic steel hook than I could fly.  It was a disappointing disaster. But then in October of 2008, Patrick proposed and sudd... » Read More

Winter Wonderland

So we're finally getting our first "measurable" snow in Colorado (where we live) and although our first measurment at dawn yesterday was a little disappointing, it hasn't stopped snowing yet.  I shoveled snow for the very first time yesterday and I can't say I'm looking forward to doing again.  But I AM looking forward to seeing how the icicle ornaments turn out that I was finally inspired to sit down and make. 12/08/2009 08:39 Well, I've got a handful of squiggly little icicles! Here they are soaking up the stiffener: And my high-tech blocking "board" taped to the kitchen window. :) And here they are! Just need to get han... » Read More
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