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The Great Garage Destash Resolution!

So. I'm cleaning my garage, see?  I figured I would just destash a few things and just let a few things go for about what I paid for them or less, see?It has gone from just a few things to... more than I ever anticipated. I. am. overwhelmed. I'm getting in some boxes at the end of next month from a storage unit and I don't have a clue what in the world is in them other than a lot of denim in need of upcycle. So. Things have to go. Tried to upload as I go, but there is SO MUCH to do that I figured I'd just upload on breaks and  just stick things in boxes for the time being.Just to give you an idea: Fabric. Bunches of scraps. Vintage. Br... » Read More

If It Ain't Broke...

...I will break it.Today I got the wise hair to "fix" my studio. You know. Jazz it up a bit. Add a new banner. Do this. Do that. Just to brighten it up a little to reflect the holidays.Well. I'm nowhere close to that "Holiday Smell".  I'm still stuck on the "Banner" upload issue this morning. ALL I want to do is DELETE the banner I uploaded this morning (for obvious reasons). I didn't realize it took an act of Congress to "fix" what I broke. I know it's there SOMEWHERE, the button to delete the banner, but I'm so frustrated I just can't find it!I've looked at all the "Guides" hoping to be reminded, but seriously, some of this stuff needs to be ... » Read More

A Touchy Keypad & Kanzashi

FIRST of ask, what does a touchy keypad have in common with kanzashi??? Not a doggone thing. You're reading this, and it's the luck of the draw that you get to read about something kind of meaningless in the scheme of things... yet the "accidental delete" thing can be very annoying.Often enough, I get to writing a note and don't think about my palm hitting the touch pad. When I go back to review things, I realize that somewhere in the process I accidentally deleted something. This WAS my third entry, but I wised up and put it on a document where I can Ctrl + Z while I'm writing. Then I cut and pasted it, and it was NOT deleted. SCORE!As ... » Read More

Jenn, My Friend and BrCa Survivor

UPDATE:  Photos for the Zumba fundraiser to support the VT/NH Susan G. Komen chapter. Over $700 was raised! Thanks to all who supported it! love you all. Thank you so very much! MUAH!My friend, JennBuker, is a 10 year BrCa  survivor. For those of you who do not know, BrCa is Breast Cancer.  This is  her blog entry from last year. is my inspiration when things get me down. She NEVER lets anything hold her back (as you may... » Read More

Well *THIS* Week has been a Bunch of Fun...NOT!

I've been trying my darndest to create new things, but, as luck would have it, it's a no-go. Isaac's been kind enough to bring a little rainy/stormy weather up this way (although I should not complain. I'm not suffering the way they are in Louisiana) and I've only had to do just a bit of cleaning of the yard and garage.... You know. Picking up the limbs that fell from the pines. Sweeping the water from the hard rain out of the garage... Well... I was thinking that I could quickly get things done so I can do some sewing.... one thing just led to cleaning another. It's like having sex then opening your eyes to see the cobwebs ... » Read More

ReImagining My Spaces

This economy sucks. But it's getting better. I'm making it work for me. I stopped working traditional jobs. I say "stopped working" but the reality is that the jobs weren't as forthcoming as I had hoped post BS/MS graduation. I started having trouble finding even part time work in my degreed fields about 6 years ago. I ended up working in catering with some friends for the past 2. While it was not my "dream job", it was a fulfilling experience. I met new friends. I created yet another network of good people around me. I love these people, and they encourage me to be creative. I've often given more of my handmade goodies away than sold. Somet... » Read More