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Polly Ceramica and Me

February 2015My husband delights in giving gifts. He is always on the lookout for something special for the ones he loves. Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Celebrations, or No Particular Occasion, my generous husband is especially gifted at gift giving. I've already written about his conspiracy with Catherine of ShadowDogDesigns to create a custom necklace for me. Today I want to share a unique pendant necklace made by Anna of CraftsofthePast, which was also under the Christmas tree, wrapped and waiting for me to open. My husband had bought a necklace from Anna before, and so he returned to find another one for me. I'm so happy that he did!I h... » Read More

Knitting Fingerless Gloves

February 2015Fingerless gloves are fun to knit, and I've been knitting a lot of pairs lately. I like to keep my hands busy and enjoy working on smaller projects. There is a standard pattern that I designed several years ago which allows me to use a variety of sock weight yarns to create unique pairs of fingerless gloves. Each glove is hand knit individually on straight needles. Then I sew up the side, leaving a hole for the thumb for maximum movement.These are some of the first fingerless gloves I made and sold in my shop, EweniqueEssentials.I've tweaked my pattern since then and I have a few knitting stitch variations that I like to use for the b... » Read More

A Custom Conspiracy with ShadowDogDesigns

January 2015A special gift often requires searching, planning, and secrecy on the part of the gift giver. The receiver of the special gift not only enjoys the gift itself, but also the story behind the gift. Such was the case this Christmas when I opened a particular present under the tree which contained a beautiful necklace of purple and white beads, unique beads of a kind that I had never seen before.My dear husband contacted Catherine of ShadowDogDesigns back in August with a request for a custom necklace. His main requirement was that the primary beads be purple with silver beads used as accents in the design. He had surprised me with a red ... » Read More

Setting up Shop Again

October 2014For several years I've been selling my handmade wares and artisan soaps online both here on ArtFire and on Etsy. With so many changes on both these venues, I've toyed with the idea of having my own space, my own site, where I would have more control of the design of my shop. So I recently set up shop, including a blog on Weebly, which offers several plans, including a free plan, for a blog and/or storefront. It is easy to use and there are many choices of templates for colors, theme, and design to make a website as individual as you are.There are some limitations on the use of various features which are dependent on the plan you choose... » Read More

Ewes Soap Giveaway - Ended

September 2014Slowly but surely my little soap business is growing. I made my first bar of cold process soap on February 15, 2009 and haven't stopped making soap since. After experiencing the benefits of using handmade soap myself, I had to keep experimenting and adjusting my soap recipes until I found some winning combinations. I find the process fascinating, especially that point when saponification begins and soap begins to form.My first soap. I added paprika for a little color.For me soap making is an interesting mix of chemistry and artistry. I find it similar to cooking when making gravy or a white sauce. Liquid is added to a fat, heated, an... » Read More

The Hummingbird - Beauty in Motion

August 2014Who doesn't experience a thrill when catching a glimpse of a tiny hummingbird flitting from flower to flower or sipping at a feeder? Although I don't have a hummingbird feeder hanging in my backyard, hummingbirds are attracted to the large red flowers of the swamp hibiscus plants that grow from seed near the door of my lanai/covered patio each summer.During our trip to Tucson, my husband and I spent some time at the Desert Museum and lingered awhile in the Hummingbird Aviary. Dozens of hummingbirds zipped around, hovered over blossoms, and settled briefly on plants, before flying off again. I instinctively ducked my head when one buzzed... » Read More

The Sonoran Desert - Critters and Cactus Flowers

August 2014While visiting Tucson, Arizona I kept my pocket camera handy and took lots of photos of the beautiful desert scenery. I was thrilled to see many cactus flowers in bloom, including the lovely white blossoms of the saguaro. Growing in clusters on the tips of the saguaro arms, the flowers open for just a day before fading. But another quickly opens to take its place. I devoted a previous blog post to this unique plant of the Sonoran Desert, so I will move on to a few other cactus flowers that were blooming while I was there.Barrel cactus are another type of plant found in the Sonoran Desert. The name describes their shape and the flowers f... » Read More

The Sonoran Desert - Native American Petroglyphs

July 2014After seeing ancient Native America rock etchings in Albuquerque, New Mexico last year, I was excited to learn that petroglyphs can also be seen at Saguaro National Park west of Tucson. Although the collection of petroglyphs was not nearly as extensive as at Petroglyph National Monument, there was plenty to see among the rocks along the short trail near Signal Hill Picnic Area. We had stopped at the Visitor Center to get directions to this area of the park, which was off a long dirt road. A large mound of flat faced dark gray and black rocks created a striking contrast to the brilliant blue sky. I could see why this place was called, "Sig... » Read More

The Scenic Sonoran Desert - Part 1

July 2014   In May, I returned to my childhood home of Tucson, Arizona. My husband and I spent several days at the luxurious Loews Ventana Canyon Resort located in the Catalina Mountains north of the city. Tucson has changed and grown over the years, but the beautiful desert scenery remains the same. Vast blue skies dotted with white clouds, stately saguaro cactus and other desert plants, rugged mountains with ever changing shadows, and a variety of wildlife dwell in this unique place - the Sonoran Desert.  The Loews Ventana Canyon Resort with the city of Tucson belowThe Sonoran Desert encompasses over 100,000 square miles of... » Read More

A Peek inside Maker House - ArtFire Headquarters

June 2014While visiting Tucson, Arizona with my husband, we stopped by Maker House near downtown Tucson. We had spent the morning at the Tucson Desert Museum enjoying the scenery of the Sonoran Desert and Saguaro National Park hunting for Native American petroglyphs before heading into downtown Tucson. We were hot, thirsty, ready for a snack and air conditioning. Since I have a shop on ArtFire, naturally I was curious to see its headquarters which are located inside a restored historic mansion. I had also contributed to a Maker House startup fund and wanted to see what Maker House was all about.Maker House is housed in the renovated Bates Mansion,... » Read More

Chihuly in the Desert

June 2014In the Sonoran Desert of the southwest United States, temperatures often soar into the 100's during a typical summer afternoon.  The landscape is populated with plants especially suited to live and grow in the extreme heat. Cactus, growing in a variety of unusual shapes, are covered in sharp spines for protection against hungry desert animals.  Stately Saguaro stand straight and tall like sentinels.  Prickly Pear yield edible fruit after its blossoms fade. Fragile Cholla break at the slightest touch and stick to any who brush against this prickly plant. Those who venture into the desert must be prepared to survive the heat. The S... » Read More

Soap Swap Fun

March 2014As a soap maker, I am always interested in other soap maker's soaps. The designs, fragrances, and packaging are as unique as the individual soap maker.  I love handmade soap and appreciate the variety of wonderful soaps that are available in local markets, as well as online.  A fun way to experience other soap maker's soaps is to participate in a soap swap.  It's been several years since I've swapped soaps with a dozen soap makers, so when I learned that Bramble Berry was hosting a winter soap swap, I eagerly joined in the fun.Bramble Berry is a well known and respected soap making supply company located in Bellingham, Washingto... » Read More

Celtic Knots and Claddagh - Love, Friendship, and Loyalty

March 2014During the month of March as spring begins to creep in coloring the northern hemisphere with fresh green, many celebrate with a toast to the Irish.  Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is known for it's beautiful green landscape, fanciful tales of leprechauns, and its Christian heritage. A distinctive decorative art style of intertwined loops with no beginning or end is associated with the ancient Celts who lived in Ireland during the 5th century. Elaborate Celtic knots were carved onto stone crosses, painted onto pages of ancient Christian manuscripts, and fashioned into ornate jewelry.  These beautiful knots were often symbols of faith, e... » Read More

Amethyst - A Valentine Alternative

February 2014Red and pink hearts, love birds, cupid and his arrow, love, poetry, romance, friendship, candy, and sentimental cards - these common images come to mind when one thinks of Valentine's Day.  Chocolate, flowers, and diamond jewelry are typical gifts for that special valentine.  Many restaurants are filled with couples celebrating their love for each other with a romantic dinner on Valentine's Day.  Every February 14, over 190 million valentines are exchanged in the US. Children give mass produced valentines to their classmates and teachers. I probably gave or received a similar valentine to this one when I was in elementary... » Read More

Knitted Linen Stitch Pattern

January 2014Lately I've been enjoying knitting scarves with a linen stitch using lightweight sock yarn. The simple pattern gives a linen like appearance to the knitted item, and the alternating knit and purl rows result in a delicate right side as well as a more textured back. I like the serendipitous nature of the design when combining different colorways. The results are always pleasing when different colors are worked together, whether they be high or low contrast. The linen stitch can be worked in the round, lengthwise, or in shorter rows. The knitted fabric has a dense, woven appearance on the front and a pebbled appearance similar to the see... » Read More

A Knit Chevron Pattern

November 2013The zigzag stripe, or chevron pattern, has been a popular design element for thousands of years. From ancient Greek pottery and Roman flooring to a badge of honor in heraldry during the Middle Ages to the military insignia today, the chevron continues to decorate our lives in a myriad of ways. Chevrons appear in a variety of colors and are currently a top trend in fashion and home accessories. Set of Chevron Magnets by StuckTogetherMagnetsRecently I jumped on the trend wagon and knit a chevron scarf with a self striping yarn, which I had picked up at a knitting conference in Atlanta several years ago. Honestly, I really didn't like th... » Read More
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