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Crochet Pattern Victoria Gloves

Romantic "Victoria" Fingerless Gloves - Steam Punk - Goth - Victorian - Crochet Pattern!... » Read More

Best Seller! Skinny Flats Crochet Pattern 21

My Best Seller on ArtFire!... » Read More

Changing Colors in Crochet

Changing Colors in Crochet Changing colors can be challenging because patterns do not include instructions. However, it's not too difficult to master. In the last stitch of your first color, stop before the last step. For example, if your stitch is a single crochet stitch, stop before pulling the last loop through. Instead of yarning over with the original color, use the new color, leaving a tail. Cut the original yarn color, leaving a tail again. Finish the stitch and continue with the pattern. Once you have moved on with the pattern, you can weave the ends into the fabric to hide them. Using this method creates a seamless color ch... » Read More

Free Crochet Headbands Pattern by Genevive

This is a free pattern I am offering. Download a free pattern from my Ravelry webpage. Click here. That way you can just download the pattern at your convenience. This is a great chance to see what Genevive's Crochet Patterns are like. Illustrated pattern tutorial. Includes 2 different headband patterns. One is ridged with picot trim and ties. The other is a wider headband in a lacy pattern with a button closure. - Skill Level - Beginner to Intermediate - Hook Size - H8 (American) - Yarn - Appr. 100 yards, Worsted Weight size 4 medium - Pattern fits average female head size with instructions on how to make smaller or l... » Read More

Raindrop Boots for Baby - New crochet pattern - 01/30/2011

New pattern listed on January 30, 2011.  Baby Raindrop Boots crochet pattern.  Glorious raindrop texture pattern! Bumper around bottom of boot to protect little toes.  All patterns are emailed in a PDF file.  Check out the other pictures on my Artfire site!  Genevive at ArtFire... » Read More

Just sold! Adult and Kids Cuffed Booties Crochet Pattern

These crocheted boots are great for the winter. Wear them with slouchy cuffs or folded. Simple pull on and off design. Pattern only! Crochet Pattern #12     ... » Read More

Featured on World of Handmade!

       ... » Read More

New Crochet Pattern Skinny Flats for Women and Kids

Feminine and fun crochet skinny flats slippers!  Pattern includes pictures and step by step tutorial.  Named "Skinny" because the slippers show a lot of skin! ... » Read More

Genevive Crochet Patterns Video

... » Read More

Genevive's Seamless Sweater Socks Crochet Pattern

Unique seamless technique used for this sweater socks crochet pattern. Two different cuff styles included in illustrated pattern. Wear them up or slouched! Massaging ribbed texture on inside and outside of sock to massage your feet and allows for a more stretchier stitch. Purchase Seamless Sweater Socks Crochet Pattern! ... » Read More

Adult Button Loafer crochet pattern

Color illustrated step by step pattern and tutorial for size 3 to 11 womens button loafers - easily adjustable for other sizes (mens). Button strap and ties for stay on power, Textured stitch technique and tutorials included! Optional double thick soles. Purchase this Pattern!... » Read More

Another Free Crochet Pattern by Genevive

Click on the image below to go to the download page to get your free crochet pattern! ... » Read More