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Gearing up for Holidays!

Found this great Holiday Black and Tan Dachshund fabric with which i'm making a checkbook cover. I know it's Holiday but if you have a black and tan they are hard to find on fabric. It's always fun for me to find fabric that isn't printed in huge amounts to make things with. I could do a coin purse or book cover as well altho I was in one of my moods where I buy the smallest amount of fabric I can stand to so that I don't beat myself up over all the fabric I have.Back to the sewing machine!!... » Read More

Hot Curling Iron Cases

Sewing today and getting ready for the Harvest Festival in Sisters, Oregon next weekend. I always sell a bunch of curling iron/flat iron cases at this show...often folks who have bought them before are standing in the aisle touting their usefulness!I love it when my customers are doing the selling.These are lined with ironing board fabric and padded to make sure the hot iron can go in immediately after being unplugged. I'm having fun exploring the fabric options....so many of course in a deep in fabric sewing room! This fabric is fun with raised designs on it....very tactile!... » Read More

Dachshund Coin Purses & other items

Mom and I are making a special order for three of these cute little Doxie Coin Purses. This is the best of the Doxie fabrics in my opinion. I like to make long narrow bags for makeup, glass cases, or female supplies as the little long dogs look so cute made this way. I also make them into curling iron cases, and book covers as well as little memo books. There is always something fun to do with fabric!My latest adventure is making key fobs and the Doxies as they are in a stripe sew up so well. I'll have to take a pic so I can show you what they look like.... » Read More