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DIY Christmas Tree Out of Hemp or Yarn Scraps

Make a festive Christmas decoration and use your old scraps at the same time! This project is so easy and fun, you’ll be wondering what else you can cover in scraps. You probably already have at least half of the materials laying around and the others are inexpensive and easy to get at your local craft store or in my shop. Let’s get started!   supplies you’ll need to make the tree: --foam cones --hemp, yarn or fabric scraps --Elmer’s glue --beads and embellishments   ❅❅❅To start, get all your scrap pieces together… grab random colors or go with a color sch... » Read More

5 Reasons To Shop Small

As you shop this holiday season, make sure to take a stroll down your local main boutique street or surf ArtFire and Etsy online. Here you will find a goldmine of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and independently owned shops. I chose just five reasons why we need to be supporting these people year round.     1. You support a family and not a corporation   70% of small businesses are owned and operated by a single person so when you shop a local small business or small online equivalents, chances are you directly support the owner and her or his family. Instead of helping a well paid CEO buy his fourth mansion, you a... » Read More

Is Hemp the Same as Marijuana?

Is Hemp Marijuana?   In short, No. Hemp is not marijuana and marijuana is not hemp. Here’s the skinny. While they both come from the same type of plant, they contain significantly different amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the stuff that gets you high. In other words, you can’t get high if you try smoking the flowers of an industrial hemp plant, sorry folks. It would be like trying to get drunk off .005% alcohol; you’d get physically ill before you achieve your goal. Industrial hemp plants contain the least amount of THC (less than 0.03%) and are bred to grow tall (upwards of 20 ft.) and have l... » Read More

How I Use Facebook

(original post 2011) I use facebook on a daily basis for personal use and for my business. I'd say right now facebook is the main thing I check, even before my email, online. As a work from home mom, facebook is sometimes the only connection to the outside world I have for days. At first it was a way to connect with old pals, keep in touch with my family on the east coast, and make new friendships stronger. Now I also use it to connect with other crafters and potential customers through my business page. There I can keep those interested up to date with what's new from my shop. Things I'm working on, new listings, custom orders, and other gene... » Read More

HempCraft Now Carries Premium Hemp Twine and Yarn

(original post 2010) HempCraft is now carrying premium hemp in a variety of colors!  Several months ago I did a blog series, "The best hemp on the planet" that reviewed a few different companies in the search for the best quality fiber hemp. I came up with a company called Ecolution as the victor. I have been using their hemp ever since I found it and have never wanted to use anything else. They have some of the softest yet strongest hemp I have ever found. Ecolution grows, cultivates, and processes their own hemp 'in house' and are located in Transylvania, Romania. A little over two months ago I decided to take my business in a new directi... » Read More

Ready, Steady, Shoot!

(original post 2011) This June I was supposed to release a wedding line that I started working on way back in January. While that project still sits right where I left it four months ago, the replacement project, a spring/summer line, is nearly complete and now I just need to do photos. Normally I would just stick the finished pieces in my light box or by my favorite window but I wanted to try something different; something bigger; something with live models. I sent out a facebook post asking for a few friends to volunteer to model some of my items. I also put in a little end note saying, "It would be a bonus to have a volunteer photographer a... » Read More

This Summer's Bracelet Trend

(original post 2011) Have you ever had a hard time picking the right bracelets to go with what you’re wearing? Well stop worrying because this summer demands that you wear all three! In fact, the more the better. One of the greatest things about this stacked look is that it’s easy to capture your own personality and style when picking out unique additions. The best way to do this is to pick out bracelets of different styles and sizes to mix things up completely. Thin bangles with wide cuffs, colorful contrasts, and various adorning beads make this style daring, fun, over the top, and best of all, you can get away with it! Mix... » Read More

Package from Transylvania

(Original Post 2010) As many of you already know, I made a big business move last month. I opened a wholesale account with Ecolution, my hemp supplier and will not only be making my own premium jewelry out of it but also offering it to other talented artists as well. But before I get ahead of myself and post about the different kinds I'll have available let me just say...my order still hasn't arrived!! I feel I owe you a bit of back story leading up to this point. So I get a call from a dude in Romania one day, turns out he is a rep for Ecolution and was calling me regarding the vendor inquiry I submitted. Surprised me! Yes, the call came compl... » Read More

Homemade Abacus

(Original Post 2011) Lately, my son, 3, has been interested in what I'm doing when we go into the studio in the morning. Today he picked up some twine and a bead and tried to stick the twine through the beadhole about 20 times (and three fits) before he finally got it. So I got an idea as he was doing this because it looked like he was moving the beads back and forth like on an abacus. I had an old box hanging out in the corner that I cut the top flaps off and poked 8 holes (four on each side) on the sides of the box. I slid the twine into a hole and tied a knot so that it could not slip through. We beaded the twine with his favorite wooden bead... » Read More

SWR Inspired Necklace

(original post 2011) This necklace was inspired by the song, lyrics, and video of "Take the World" by She Wants Revenge There is no literal translation here; just pure unadulterated inspiration. This necklace portrays the  raw emotions and desires I feel when I fall into this song. All I'm going to say about this necklace is the layers represent the layers in their music, the rest is too personal to make sense to anyone else ;) Don't bother trying to get my attention when this song is playing, my eyes are closed and I'm lost in the moment.... » Read More

SWR Inspired Bracelet

This bracelet was inspired by imagery in the video to "Must Be the One"  My jumping off point was the Preciosa hematite rondelles. They remind me of wheel bearings for skates or skateboards; in this case skateboards. There are 8 "bearings" just like on a skateboard all set in unwaxed super soft black hemp yarn from Ecolution. The sparkle from the hematite represents the glamour of Cali. Hematite, also known as "the stone of the mind" is one of my favorite stones simply because of it's dark, upcycled nature. The pattern of the bigger component of this bracelet has nothing to do with the video, it's just one of my favorites :) It gives th... » Read More

The Silver Lining

My affair with roller derby has been an intersting one. In one way or another my efforts to play or participate in derby have been thwarted either by my doing or some outside influence. I've owned skates since 200....5? No 6! 2006 and only have a full year of actual skate time. Lame, I know it. Since then I've been wading in the derby waters with short lived revivals and awkward after hour appearances, hoping that I'd somehow figure out how to make derby work for me again. Alas, it just doesn't. Between seriously injuring my right shoulder at my first bout way back when I had $30 stock speed skates from Play it Again Sports to just lastnight w... » Read More

Best Hemp on the Planet

      One word, Ecolution. This is the creme de la creme of hemp twine and yarn. Even their natural processing had me sunk! Their website offers information and pictures on their processing technique as well as how they use natural dyes from plants. They are so earth friendly that I would never have to wonder if the product I am selling is pure. But anyway, enough about how I want to leave my family and go work for Ecolution, let's talk about the product.       If you are a hempster, whether you knot or knit, Ecolution has what you need. The twine used for knotting has long fibers so it's le... » Read More

Do I Love What I Do?

I posted this in the forums this morning and thought it would be good info for my blog. I love what I do. To me there's never enough time in a day to fit in all I want to do concerning my crafts and my shop. I say, "it's 5 o'clock already?!" instead of, "it's not 5 o'clock yet?!" Like alot of people who sell here or other online venues, my shop in no way, shape, or form pays the bills and if our mortgage depended on my shop income alone, we'd be homeless faster than you can say Chase. No, I do this because I feel a sense of accomplishment when I see my pretty things on the computer screen and available for others to purchase i... » Read More

Building an Army

Wow! Building an inventory is no joke! I used to think, "Oh, I'll just list a few things here and there to see if I get any bites" until I realized that not only is that a waste of time but also self limiting. So here I am building an army of tatted hemp. This past week I needle tatted and constructed 8 pendants in a variety of colors. Um...my fingers hurt! Tatting hemp is ridiculous and I have a callus on my thumb now...not hot. But to see my boutique full will be so rewarding. Hopefully this time next year I will have made a name and presence on the inter-webs  ... » Read More

It's so hard to say goodbye..

...to yesterday's hemp prices.I'm sad to announce that the prices on our 1mm waxed hemp in all colors, including cards, has gone up. This is in response to our supplier raising their prices. In some cases the prices have more than doubled for us so we are being forced to cut into our earnings to ensure a good deal for you. This hike could have happened for various reasons and has affected several sellers across different venues. Comparatively, hemp twine has always been less expensive than the cost of hemp fabric. You look at the cost of a shirt or pants and it is astronomical compared to the cost of a hemp bracelet or the twine to make one. Well,... » Read More
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