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Pocket Dolls

Introducing Pocket Dolls! Meet the Pirate Captain, Ninja, & Executive Zombie Pocket Dolls.I handcraft each Pocket Doll with a copper wire armature with wooden beads for his hands, feet, and face. I then design, cut out, and glue on Eco-fi felt clothing and details. Each Pirate Captain and Ninja has a removable hand hammered and filed sword made from lead-free silver-bearing solder. Executives are zombified with holes, brains, and puffy paint blood.I love making these little guys. Designing and crafting them is time consuming, but so much fun. I especially enjoy hand hammering the swords for the Pirate and Ninja Pocket Dolls.Coming soon in the P... » Read More

(Re)Open For Business!

My poor Artfire studio has been languishing neglected for a very long time, but finally like a phoenix it has risen from the ashes, reborn in all it's shiny glory. Ha! I love the Fusion Studios Artfire implemented and had a lot of fun putting together the new look. I've listed a lot of new prints and I'll soon be listing some of my chain maille jewelry, pocket dolls, needle felting and more, so be sure to check back often!-Jools... » Read More