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Cold Cold Cold...

It has just been way too cold the past month with temps only in the single digits, and with no heat out in the shop I have not done too much woodworking. The kids only had about 6 days of school the whole month of January because of either the frigid temps or too much snow on the roads. With only one computer in the house and everyone wanting to use it has also made it difficult to get any extras done here in the store or my blog, facebook ec etc..I have however been taking advantage of the down time to design some new items and improve some older items that I am excited to get out into the shop and make. One of my new items I am excit... » Read More

Snow Day??

Think boss will be mad if I call in today.. Doesn't look like it but that is about 8 inch of fresh snow and a temp in the shop is at 7F. Boy do I need o get some heat out there..This is a photo of my KevsKrafts shop. I am standing in the doorway of my house. The sidewalk looks snow covered and slippery   though I may go in and finish up a couple small projects I started the other day.. What is your weather like where you live / work at today?... » Read More

Wow I was a Slacker

I have just realized I have slacked on my blog here for just over a year since my last blog post. Going to change this for 2014.. maybe I can double up since I did not make any post at all in 2013, LOLKev... » Read More

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone around the world a Happy New Year!!... » Read More


Dear God, Thanks for this beautiful life, and forgive me if I don't love it enough.... » Read More

Random Acts of Kindness

Never get tired of doing little things for others, sometime those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts.... » Read More


If you obey all the rules, you will miss all the fun..... » Read More

KevsKrafts building new workshop

KevsKrafts shop has been shut down throughout the summer months ( June - currently still shut)  due to putting up a new workshop. Here is a few pictures of the new shop in various stages of the building process. ... » Read More

Wrong is Wrong - Right is right

Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it. Right is right, even if no one is doing it.I just love this one, how about you? ... » Read More


What you do today is important, because you are exchanging a day of your life for it...... » Read More

Days Count

Don't count the days, Make the days count ... » Read More

Down to nothing

When you are down to nothing, God is up to something... » Read More


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” -Milton Berle... » Read More