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Moved in, but waiting!

Thank you very, very much for your patience as I settle in from our recent move. Our home sold in 24 hours, and we (and all three pets) have temporarily moved into an apartment. Alas, the apartments are brand new and do not yet have USPS service, much less any sort of internet service (and paying $50/month for a a phone-supported hotspot is not good business for me). I'm eagerly awaiting its return. As always, I am available to answer your emails. In the meantime, I may reopen the shop, but must caution buyers that shipping may take a little longer than usual—I cannot access certain things via my phone, and am not keen on using public wi... » Read More

Shipping Information

Having sold our house in better than record time, we will be moving into a new place this week. Orders placed between today, July 28, and Monday, August 4, will not be shipped until beginning Wednesday, August 5. Thank you for your patience and understanding!... » Read More

Changes Afoot At Liberty Images!

Well, nothing that will affect the shop, but if you've noticed my not releasing new photographic prints for sale, that's because we are putting our home on the market a week from today. As you can imagine, I've been a whirlwind of packing and decluttering, which of course takes up quite a bit of time. When the right-looking place pops up on the market, we look at that, but are willing & prepared to rent until we can find just the right home—one with land, and lots of it!  This will, again, not affect my shop other than a lull in new releases for a time. So I'm still around, but things are likely to be quiet for a bit.... » Read More

Ghost signs & old service stations

If you love the idea of roadside Americana finding new life or old advertising, be sure to pop by the main blog, where I've been very busy this week: first a post about vintage, abandoned filling and service stations being re-used as restaurants and wine bars, as well as a post about ghost signs (a post inspired by a Collector's Weekly article about the resurgence of hand-painted signs). Swing on over!... » Read More

100 Years of Chevrolet's Timeless Bow Tie Nameplate

... » Read More

Vivien Leigh 100th Birthday Celebration on TCM Tuesday

If you're a fan of Vivien Leigh, you'll love tomorrow's schedule on TCM—to honour the star on the centennial of her birth, the classic film network is dedicating all of November 5 to her work. I'm very much looking forward to it myself, and have the full scoop on what you can look forward to!... » Read More

Preservation of "non-significant" old buildings

My photography features a great many abandoned, crumbling buildings as well as buildings that have benefitted from historic preservation—indeed, these are among my most popular photographs. Thus it should come as no surprise that the saving and maintenance of our physical, architectural heritage is a topic of interest to me, and one I write about fairly regularly. If you, too, are interested in historic preservation, be sure to read my most recent blog post on the topic, which discusses the importance of saving old buildings where "nothing important" happened (and yes, there are plenty of photos!). See you there! ... » Read More

Honey, honey

If you love honey as much as I do, be sure to pop over to my main blog to read about the marvellous Lithopolis Honeyfest!... » Read More

What hotel & motel features make YOU happy?

As you might guess, my work as a documentary photographer, capturing retro Americana from sea to shining sea, means I spend quite a few nights in hotels and motels—and I thought I'd share with you some of the things that make a night's lodging seem that much better to me over at the blog. There are, of course, some vintage motel-related photos, too. Of course.... » Read More

The Story of St. John's Baptist

The photo above, "Silenced", is undoubtedly the best-selling (and unfortunately, also the most-stolen) photograph in my shop, and I often get questions about the pretty, abandoned church half-hidden by the early-spring woods in West Virginia. Friday I wrote a more detailed post about St. John's Baptist of Stotesbury, including more of my photographs of the church, taken prior to its collapse just a few months later in the autumn of 2009. Head on over for a look!... » Read More

Beauty and optimism in America's abandoned places

As you no doubt know, I do all of my blogging at my photography shop's main blog, Victory Rolls and V8s. But just in case you weren't aware of that, or you're new, I wanted to share with you my most recent post: "Finding sanguinity in America's abandoned places". My work includes a great deal of photography featuring abandoned, crumbling places; since I'm not a fan of dystopianism, this often surprises people. I hope my blog post about my love for photographing forsaken locales sheds light on my reasons for that. Do pop over and take a gander!... » Read More

Fantasy shopping come true on the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way

Over at my shop's main blog, Victory Rolls and V8s, I've just published a post about the amazing vintage goodies I picked up at the Lincoln Highway Buy-Way. 1950s Salem "North Star" dishes (only a few dollars for a set!), a killer vintage beaded sweater (just one dollar—just ONE!), an insanely cheap vintage cocktail dress, and more fabulous finds from the 40s and 50s. Be sure to pop over to enjoy some vicarious vintage shopping and yard sale-ing! It's the stuff thrifting dreams are made of. ;) ... » Read More

Do you like the internet?

Yes, me too (obviously). While recuperating from the flu yesterday, I did some catching up with my favourite blogs and whipped up a little roundup post sharing a few favourites with you! Be sure to head over to my main blog for a few terrific-looking recipes, a post about vintage paint-by-numbers, storing vintage sewing patterns that are older than some cities, and more fun. ;) Have a great weekend...and avoid the flu at all costs. ... » Read More

Could the switch to digital film mean a loss of vintage movie theatres—and classic films?

Over at my main blog, I've written a post about the possibility that the coming switch from 35mm to digital movie film could be the real death knell for the gorgeous classic movie palaces and drive-ins so many of us love (and the movie palaces and drive-ins I enjoy photographing, as you can see in the shop!). But could it mean the loss of many classic films, too?Pop on over and check it out!... » Read More

Intellectual property, drive-ins, and why photographers are photographers

If you've not been over to my primary blog, Victory Rolls and V8s yet, you're missing out! Earlier this week, I wrote about artists having earned payment for their work (prompted by a Trichordist post about theft of intellectual property); there's a post about the 79th anniversary of the drive-in movie, too, as well as some of my own (and readers') personal reminisces about trips to the drive-in. Just today I put up a quick post about why I, like many others, am a dedicated photographer.Stop on by, I'd love to have you over! ... » Read More

On Modern Monuments & Memorials

Another fresh post over at my primary blog (though you missed my Mother's Day post and a funny picture of our lady cat) today, this one about the state of monuments and memorials. A pair of my cemetery photographs is included—two of my favourites, actually, taken at the Sewickley Cemetery in Pennsylvania. Do pop on over!... » Read More
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