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Vinyl Decals as Fundraisers

What a Unique Idea for a fundraiser for sports teams, church groups, cheerleading squads etc.  We are working with a few groups and can work with your group too. We get your input  work out a list of decals to include. Then we create a sheet(s) for you with the decals pictured and the pricing as well as an order form. You hand those out to your team and they can take orders.  Then you contact us with your order!  Simple and fun!Not only is it easy, it is something different than all the normal fundraisers out there. Plus the items for sale are not expensive and can be customized!!If you are interested in learning more, please feel free... » Read More

Creating Cards using Shape Templates

Thanks for taking the time to check out our new Blog!  We hope to share a Lil Bit O Love with you at least once a week by sharing some great tools and finds that we use to create our items listed on our artfire site!This first week I wanted to share an awesome website that I have found!!This site has creative templates perfect for helping you make the most adorable cards. I have used several of the affordable templates to create my handmade cards and can I say that I have sold almost all of them immediately upon completion. I also have a few orders for remakes using some of the templates again! I love the site The Cutting Cafe http://thecutting... » Read More
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