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Ballerinas and Pointe Shoes

Ballerinas spend a lot of money on pointe shoes, so last year I was requested to come up with a pointe shoe protector. I designed a triangular shaped patch made from a thin cotton yarn, which can be glued onto a pair of pointe shoes. This protects the pointe shoes and helps them last longer.  These are now available in my shop in white, pink and peach. ... » Read More

Knitted Novelty Tea Cosies

As a knitter and tea lover, I love to make tea cosies, and novelty tea cosies are my specialty. Tea cosies are one of those funny things, that often are mistaken for hats. They sit nicely on a teapot and keep the tea warm in the teapot whilst brewing, and keeping those second, third and fourth cups of tea warm for when you are ready for them.  Novelty tea cosies add some fun to the tea making process, and can be a conversation starter.  Lil Brit Knits designs for novelty tea cosies range from food, such as pumpkin, strawberry, raspberry or the novel English Pork Pie or cupcakes, to english cottages, an English post box, a royal crown, and fl... » Read More