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Setting Up Shop...All Over Again

Hello Artfire Friends,It's been a while! Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's have all come and gone, and we're already into March 2012 with another Leap Year Day just behind us.Lil Pawz Design's studio has been closed for a couple of months while we transitioned from a partnership operating out of Sharon's home to a single-handed operation in my home at the foothills of the Cascade Range. Sharon and I had an amazing lot of fun creating together, but she needed to free up her time for other pursuits and get ready for her first grand baby who is almost here. It'll be a lot harder to do everything without her, but I'm willing to give it a try beca... » Read More

Last Chance - 20% Off Any Item

Announcing our final SALE for the month of November:20% off ANYTHING in our studio, plus FREE domestic shipping, now through November 30!Be sure to use the coupon codes when you check out:For Free shipping - FREESHIPNOV11For 20% off  - 20OFF1NOVWe offer free gift wrapping with purchase ~ just ask when you order.Join us in supporting the many quality artisans on, and have a Wonderful Handmade Christmas!... » Read More

Taking My Thankfulness Temperature

The theme of thankfulness has come to mind often since this month started, I suppose because November is when we observe Thanksgiving Day in America. Lately I've grown more keenly aware of how an attitude of thankfulness (or lack of it) affects the "temperature" of my life and those around me. I'm sure most of us have heard the cliche' "If Mama ain't happy, ain't NOBODY happy!"  In her later years my dear mother discovered one of the secrets to a happy and fulfilling life: Living with an on-purpose attitude of joy and thanksgiving regardless of circumstances. This revolutionized her marriage and made an impact everywhere she went. H... » Read More

Molly's Sale This Week - All Harness Vests 20% Off Nov. 13-19

It's Molly here...My turn to pick what's on sale for the week! I'm the "princess" of the pack, you know, so what I say goes. I've decided our harness vests will be this week's 20% off SALE item. There's designs for both lil gals and lil guys. I kinda hope my peeps don't sell them all, 'cuz I look pretty gorgeous in them if I do say so myself!I just heard that the peeps have dropped a bunch of prices in the LilPawzDesign studio to help out with your slimmer wallet. You should take a look at all the other stuff. Remember, you get FREE SHIPPING on everything in the store this month! And I'll be happy to have my subjects gift wrap anything your peeps ... » Read More

Sophie Wants You to See Our NEW DRESSES!

Psssssst! Hey Girls....I just peeked over Mom's shoulder and saw she was putting these super-cute dresses up for sale ~ *SQUEEEEE*! If you come check them out you'll get to see ME modeling...Wow, how cool is that? I think I heard Mom say she has more dresses coming...So maybe you should check back, like, every day or so just to make sure you don't miss something (aw shucks, doesn't every model like to have her own fan club?). I just love to tease the boys and feel so P-U-R-T-Y in these super-cute dresses. People seem to be extra nice to me when I wear them too...They think I'm "sooo sweet" ~ Boy do I have them fooled!  ... » Read More

Message From Tucker: 20% Off Select Items November 6-12

"Arrrrr-rooo-ROO-ahhh-ROOOOOO!!!" This is Tucker with a message for all my fur buddies out there: Remind your peeps that Lil Pawz Design has a 20% off sale on different stuff every week this month just for us...They gotta check it out! There's these snazzy collars, soft & WARM shirts, and other cool duds for us guys and those *sniff sniff* purty lil gals too. I heard 'em say if you buy stuff this month you get free shipping, whatever that is...Hey, if it's free, it must be good! I think it means you get a treat or something. Anyway, I don't think there's very many of each thing, so you might wanna get your peeps to hurry ... » Read More

Giving Thanks and Our Gift of FREE SHIPPING

Hey there Lil Pawz fans! November is nearly here bringing with it all the sights, smells, flavors and memories we associate with fall and the beginning of the holidays. The celebrations and traditions may differ somewhat from home to home depending on beliefs and worldview, but for the average American the third Thursday in November is a day set aside for thankfulness and remembrance of blessings. It's a time to connect with the loved ones we don't see often enough, to be a little more generous with our time and money because we've been given so much, and maybe take a hard look at how much we take for granted.  ... » Read More

Come See What's New

Hello all you lil dog fans! We'd like to invite you to come visit our shop and see what's new. We recently listed a delicious array of collars and shirts for your smaller fur babies. We love custom orders, including sizes other than in our listings. Suggestions are given in the collar descriptions to help you select a collar that will especially complement your dog's particular color range. We will be continuing to add products to all of our categories as we work to fill our new shop. COMING SOON will be beautifully soft Minky blankets and shirts, adorable little hoody sweatshirts, bandanas and leash options to match our collars, bell... » Read More

Welcome to our blog

Thank you for stopping by our Artfire Studio Blog. We are working hard to bring you fun, functional fashions and accessories for your small dog's needs. Check in with us often. We will continue to add to our product lines and are always working to improve our designs. Email us any time with questions or suggestions. We'd also love to have you follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter ( You'll be among the first to see our newest products and catch all of our specials and sales. Thanks for looking! Rhonda and Sharon LilPawzDesign ... » Read More