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Wanelo - I have to get moving!

I've been a Pinterest addict for quite some time and now recently discovered Wanelo.  I'm looking forward to getting set up and posting beautiful things.  Visit me on Wanelo & Pinterest. ... » Read More

Happy New Year!

I'm horrible at New Year's Resolutions (especially the lose weight and exrercise more one that's been on  my 'list' for 20 years!).   However, I'm going to set a few resolutions for my jewelry business.   I'm going to keep them lose and a little flexible. In 2012, I resolve to: Wishing you a great 2012!  ... » Read More

This is a test post...

So, what do you think about my studio design?  Is it too pink?   I've been obsessed with the colors gray and berry lately, but I'm not sure how it translates to a website.  The little gray heart  (my first vector drawing!) is one I drew using Inkscape, a free program.  It's representative of a motif I use in some of my silver wire jewelry designs. I created the banner and avatar using GIMP, which is also a free program.  Although I'm fickle (this is my 5th re-design in 4 years), I'm trying to select a set group of colors - in this case black, white, berry and gray - and stick with them.   ... » Read More