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The Day After....................

............... the mad credit card frenzy! So now today, the dust has settled and I've experienced a 3 hour dinner with a non-English speaking (well very limited) Chinese person at my home.  I tell you, my i-Pad drawing app has never had so much usage! It was a fun evening though and I did learn some things about China I never knew before. I'm sitting here, looking at my beads, my made up items and wishing that the craft fair season would hurry up and start in Minnesota!  Tax man is getting nearer and the piper needs to be paid......... so will you stop buying more stash!  I'm trying really trying, it's so hard, keep seeing all t... » Read More

The Ramblings of a Self-Confessed Bead Freak!

Ok..........so today, I go the bead store, with a friend, who has a gift card to use up.........  I am only to look...........right! So when has just looking ever been my forte? I spend 40 minutes in there, talking to the owner and trying to keep my hands off the beads, why is that they are so appealing?  How can bits of pressed glass or rocks, convince us that they need a new home, my home?!  So I finish talking to the owner and start to wander around a little, trying not be envious of my friend stashing her shopping tray up with goodies.  I walk around, telling myself, that small green pressed glass beads have no place in my stash.... » Read More

Welcome to Lottie's World!

Hi and welcome to my world! Lottie's Trinkets is a crazy place where many strange and wonderful things occur on a daily basis! I will try, via this online interface, to keep you informed. I am a self taught designer from an artistic family on my father's side. My sister, Bella, is a photographer, my father a graphic artist and my paternal grandmother was an artist of many mediums and also a concert pianist. I love to experiment with all kinds of items that I find and incorporate into a jewelry design, there is no knowing what might appear next from my studio! I look forward to getting to know you all, please feel free to add comments and i... » Read More

Do You Cycle and/or Re-Cycle?

Do you cycle and/or re-cycle or up-cycle?All are good for you and/or the enviroment!I actually love to do all three....... I cycle most local places I go and am known as the mad English woman on a bike in my metro Minneapolis town! I also love to look for vintage pieces and re-cycle those into new jewelry items. I search in antique stores, estate sales and garage sales.... it's a lot of fun to see what you can find and then come home and use those pieces in a new design.So, however, you are green, be it walking, cycling to save fossil fuels or re-using old items again in your new designs...........good for you, it's the way to go! ... » Read More

It's Jury Time Again..............

So, it's that time of year again, when you sit and fill in application after application and write check after check, until your hands are sore and USPS has made a good profit from your stamp purchases.......And now I wait and see what fairs I will be accepted into this year. Last year I had a very hectic July with three major art fairs, two local to me here in MN and one up on Lake Superior at Bayfield, WI. I am hoping for a tiring but very enjoyable repeat performance this year. 2011 was my second time at Bayfield and it was amazing; the vast array of sellers and artists was incredible and I met some great people that came to my booth to look ... » Read More