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Garnet Collection; Color's of Garnet's

When someone mentions the word Garnet to you it seems that everyone automatically thinks of the color red. Garnet's come in a variety of color's such as, yellow, green, orange, red and few more. Even though there are many types of garnets, there are currently 38 known garnet names and appear in many color's.Have you ever heard of a Kanchanaburi Sapphire? It has a lovely blue color and is mined in Thailand.I would love to show you more of the different colored Garnet's which are available on the market in which I didn't catch in this lovely collection of January Birthstone gifts to treasure for life!Garnet Serene Birthstone Treasures   Curate... » Read More

Russian Chrome Diopside - What Is It? Where Does It Come From?

What is this green gemstone that everyone is calling "Russian Chrome Diopside"! Why are so many people trying to purchase it and for what reason? I'm going to try and explain this wonderful green gem.Then, in 1988, rumors of a momentous new green gem from Russia started circulating in the trade. Dealers who saw this material when it first surfaced in Europe raved about the resemblance of its color to that of tsavorite and chrome tourmaline and raved as much about its price: only a fraction of these gems. After the wall fell and dealers began exploring the new possibilities for marketing Russian gems, the rush was on. Since then, Chrome... » Read More

Arthritis Magnetic Jewelry

A lot of us suffer from different types of Arthritis that leaves us to the point of not being able to wear jewelry. MaggieMays Fine Jewelry has Handmade a couple of Arthritis Magnetic Therapy Jewelry Necklace's which I have described them as "Easy Peasy" with no clasp for those of us that have a terrible time using our hands. A beautifully designed necklace that can be worn in different configurations which accents your fashion and performs therapy at the same time. Here are the links: and is an illness tha... » Read More

What to look for when Buying Citrine Gemstone's

To my readers and customer's, this part two of The Amazing Citrine Gemstone by MaggieMays Fine Jewelry. In this post you will receive information on what to look for when purchasing not only Citrine but your other gemstone's as well.What to look for when Buying Citrine Gemstone's: Quartz varieties are very affordable relative to many other gems, citrine is a great starting place for a new collector of gemstones. Here are a few suggestions:Distribution of color: Some varieties of quartz have lighter and darker areas due to a characteristic know as zoning. Zoning detracts from value, so be sure to look for a gem with uniform color throughout.... » Read More


MaggieMays Fine Jewelry would like to share some informative information on the Citrine Gemstone. I have introduced this series of articles explaining terms of each individual gemstone starting with citrine so that my reader's and customer's will be able to quickly find out what a term means when speaking about gemstones. If you have any question's or are unsure about any terms used please leave a comment or email ( me directly, and I will be happy to help.Also, I have set up a blog category called Gemstone Jargon; This is where I will be posting about different gemstone's information, characteristics... » Read More

Synthetic Yellow and White Diamond Ring

With the holiday's fast approaching and knowing how the economy is at this time; I wanted to give my customer's something that will fit their budget. I went to a gemstone show and came across some gems. I bought some yellow and white synthetic diamonds that have the same brilliance, sparkle and a abundance of color. As always, I carry my handy 10X Loupe to check for quality and much more. All my gemstones are put through various testing before even being mounted. Be reassured that MaggieMays Artisan Jewelry only uses the highest quality gems possible, I know, you hear the word synthetic which I've found out deters customer's from pu... » Read More