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Bead Soup is Served!

So my life right now has been all about getting ready to go to S.D. to meet my first grandson, whose due date is May 14.  But in between packing and making him a quilt, I managed to make some stellar jewelry from the wonderful Bead Soup my partner, Kathleen Breeding served me!  Check out her blog to find out what she made with my soup - is what she says about her favorite techniques:"Wire beads clay glue paper findings charms pendants paint wood paper stones crystals seed beads dapping twisting baking did I mention crafting & jewelry designing? "I don't have time right now to go into too many details, s... » Read More

Bead Soup is here, and what a selection!

Bead Soup is finally here!!!!  Evidently it was stuck in Las Vegas for 8 tiring days, but once they let go of it, it finally made it's way to me!My partner, Kathleen Breeding, went all out with this one - I couldn't possibly show it all with one photo, so here are a series to show what I received.  I guess you could say there are actually a number of soups here!  First is what I call the Colorful Soup:Next, the Tropical Soup:Third, the Rustic Soup:Fourth, The Steampunk Soup:Fifth, the Misc. metal Soup:The Fabulous Steampunk Focal:Close up of the focal:My favorites:Her own polymer clay with a Nevada leaf, fossilized coral, and a tiny wishb... » Read More

Bead soup is coming!

This year is my second time participating in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Swap.  Lori writes one of my favorite blogs, Pretty Things.  She has been running the swap for several years, and has a book out about it, via Kalmbach Publishing, the company that publishes many fine art/craft magazines.  Lori is a consumate artist and a wonderful writer, and her Blogs always touch my heart.  She could use all your prayers, as she is fighting a ferocious battle with Lyme Disease.  I am eagerly awaiting my soup as we speak!  My partner this year is Kathleen Breeding.  The challenge is to use the focal bead and the clasp from... » Read More

Inspiration - The Breath of God!

All artists rely on inspiration for their work, be it large or small.  The Ancient Greeks believed in 9 Muses, the Goddesses of the Arts and Science.  From their name words such as music, museum, mosaic are derived.  Not that I believe in Greek Goddesses!  But inspiration is a funny thing, coming and going in a whimsical way.  I personally believe it is part of what makes us human, the ability to leap from one thing to make an entirely new thing.  I also believe that inspiration can come from God, the Creator God who made us in His own image, giving us the gift of creativity as an innate part of who and what we are.  In the 9... » Read More

Old jewelry

Today was a nor'easter, which for us consisted of alternate periods of huge wet snowflakes and sleet, resulting in a mess of slush. So I didn't poke my head out all day, or even change out of my jammies. Today was a good day to sort old stuff - family letters, cards, newspaper clippings, and jewelry. It was interesting to see how my style of jewelry making has evolved over the years. Things I once thought were the cat's pajamas now appear to be the fur the cat shed on my couch. So I will be taking apart old necklaces, and making some new ones with a different way of looking at things. The fun part will be re-claiming the gemstones that I h... » Read More

New Year!

I'm determined to make more regular blog posts this year! A major family crisis involving a daughter and 3 granddaughters last March derailed my whole year. But this is a new year and a new start for all of us. (BTW, kids are all fine now!) I love my jewelry and I love my polymer clay, so it's hard to decide at any moment which I will work on. Finishing the pc beads is the hardest part, but now I have a lovely tumbler, so finishing round beads is a whole lot easier. They still need a touch-up with sandpaper, but most of the work is done for me. I have a huge backlog of beads to finish. The darn clay is so tempting, and every time I see a ne... » Read More

What happened?

Just checked on my blog, my Bead Soup from last year is nowhere to be found! So I am re-posting the pictures of the necklace and bracelet I made. I have no idea what happened, where the post went! I really look forward to this year!  ... » Read More

Little Birdie

I decided to spend some time cleaning and sorting in my office today, but when I opened the door I found this little birdie zipping about! He came through a hole in my ceiling. While I patched the hole with plastic, he flew in and out a few more times. I became quite attached to the little guy! Then I felt guilty sealing him in the ceiling, so I put some food and water up there before I sealed it off. I hope he finds his way out before the food and water run out! I did spend some time sorting seven years worth of polymer clay beads that were never finished - two big canvas bags worth! I discovered some first-class UGLY stuff in there! My tras... » Read More

I survived the Blizzard of 2013!

It started out on Friday with some white glitter in the air. It got thicker, then colder, then whiter. We finished this afternoon with at least two feet of glorious white stuff! Well, glorious to look at, anyway. Certainly not glorious to shovel. 80% of our town lost power, but we were very fortunate to come through unscathed. My daughter and three granddaughters are here for the night, as their house was down to 42! I had planned to work on polishing some polymer clay beads, but I became too distracted by the birds fighting for food on our suet feeder. Cardinals, woodpeckers (3 kinds), nuthatches, chickadees, juncos, starlings, sparrows... » Read More

I started out as a child.

My views or the art world began forming very early in life, visiting my grandfather's art gallery in Boston.  The gallery had been in the family since 1841, and has always played a larger-than-life role in my artistic thinking.  They specialize in American art, but they were a part of the larger art world, and bought and sold art from many countries.  I grew up with the concept of "artist" as someone very exalted and special.  I did not realize that I too could be included in that special band.  In my twenties I belonged to a very active, youthful evangelical church, with a large influx of young people.  We started what we called... » Read More