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Moving and a Grand Re-opening

As the end of the 2013 year is rapidly approaching, so is the moment that I will not have a place to live. So my items are being moved into a storage unit halfway between where we are right now and where we are moving to.  As soon as we get everything settled and get a place set up where I can once again resume my work, the items that will be coming out of that, will be 10 times better than what I have had.  I just have to keep in mind that we will probably be homeless for about a month until everything goes through with the house.  I will keep everyone in the loop as what is going on.  As it stands right now, we are supposed to be ... » Read More

New Year....

So, with this year ending and 2012 right around the corner I have been working up plans as to what will be coming for me in the new year.  So here is what is on my platter:~I will be working on tons of new designs and hopefully new chainmaille weaves.~I will begin to learn how to knit, at least less sucky. I really do know how but I have to work on some small issues I have with getting the right size yarn with the right size needles.~I will begin testing out my screen printing designs. These will be designs that my hubby will draw up and I will turn into designs on shirts. I am really excited about this venture.~I will relearn to crochet, hopef... » Read More

Item Rework

So as I was editing some older listings, I found out that sporadically through my studio some of my listing have gone a little wonky.  Some only have 1 photo left and these are, of course, items that I don't have the original photos for. My old computer crashed and along with it all my product photos. So now I need to reshoot these items and try to fix that as well as the descriptions now that I have a better listing template.  So please don't think I am lax on my listings, I had full photos up there but now have to re-do them.  It may take me a little while to get all of them back up, especially with the weather. If there is something... » Read More