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Wish Bracelet FAQs

I've had a few common questions pop up about our wish bracelets, so I decided to make a little FAQ about them.Q: Can I get a custom color combination?A: Yes! Just ask. Why would you want a custom color combo? How about.. - team colors - school colors - personal preference - magickal correspondences - in honor of a particular deity - in honor of a particular saint, orisha, or loa - in birthstone colors for your family, pet, or special friend We carry pretty much every color of floss that exists, and can locally source almost any color of seed bead within 48 hours, so don't hesitate to ask for a special request.Q: How long does it ta... » Read More

Wish Bracelets for Luck, Happiness, and a New Storefront

The power of obsession is an amazing force of Will.We used to have a physical storefront in uptown Oklahoma City. In fall of 2005, we held a finger to the wind and saw the downturn coming. Rather than try to fight a losing battle with the economy, when our lease came up for renewal, we decided to step back and wait for the tide to turn.We now feel that the economy has gotten about as bad as it's going to get. Since it's pretty hard to fall off the floor, we are now cautiously optimistic about bringing the shop back to life.The past six years have been brutal for many folks. Unemployment, a debt crisis, a massively expensive war that has way outliv... » Read More

Where You Can Find Once Upon A Silver Moon

Contact info and all that:Ande Spenser, MMFICwww.OnceUponASilverMoon.comwww.OnceUponASilverMoon.com/blogwww.OnceUponASilverMoon.com/forumwww.OnceUponASilverMoon.com/bookstore.htmlwww.facebook.com/OnceUponASilverMoonwww.facebook.com/AndeSpenserAnde is the Captain of the Metaphysical Merchants Team.www.MetaphysicalMerchants.comwww.MetaphysicalMerchants.com/forumwww.facebook.com/MetaphysicalMerchants mailing address (please note, this is not our physical location)Once Upon A Silver Moon3102 N Classen Blvd No 123Oklahoma City OK 73118customer service phone number: (405) 413-1795(voice noon to midnight Central Time, text 24/7)We do tarot readings in t... » Read More