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How I Prepare for an Arts Show

What with the Artfire changes in October, a late season camping trip, and winter preparations here at home I haven’t written a blog post in a while. Excuses, excuses…   I’ve been getting ready for a show/sale coming up this weekend. Now some of my followers are veteran show folks but for me, it’s a big thing. I always want to make “some more” and “some different” items as well as have any older stock looking its best. There are also the tasks of inventorying what I’m taking, making sure things are priced, and having packaging and other supplies together and ready to go. Th... » Read More

A Gift from EweniqueEssentials on Artfire: Handcrafted Cold Process Soap

I recently won a give-away sponsored by EweniqueEssentials on Artfire. Interestingly this shop and mine started our Artfire adventures about the same time. I’ve followed her progress in studio set up, photography, social media, and blogging to promote her own business and others on Artfire. This woman has it together! I was thrilled to see Artfire’s Seller’s Spotlight this summer included Debbie Lamb and her shop EweniqueEssentials. I wanted to share with everyone my delight upon receiving the bar of handcrafted soap that I won.My bar of “Sweet Dreams” cold process soap arrived in a typical brown bubble... » Read More

Sunflowers and Blue Skies Inspired Artfire Collection

I enjoy making collections on Artfire. I like how the work from varied studios can come together in a theme to look simply gorgeous. As I build collections from the many items waiting in my queue, invariably there are some leftovers that don’t make the collection. I haven’t included them for some reason – I needed a product photo with a white background instead of a black one, or the collection evolved (or devolved) from a design motif to a color palette, for instance. In this post, I’d like to share my latest Artfire collection discuss its inspiration and give a little bit of attention to a few items I didn't in... » Read More

Fall Colors Provide Inspiration for Blogging and for My Handcrafted Jewelry

I know, I know; I do this every year. But the changing colors of early fall in Colorado deserve another look. And another! At least I think so. I've been too long away from writing and can’t seem to get started. So, since a picture is worth a thousand words I’ll let my photos be my words today. September has been lovely here in central Colorado. We have had some cool weather: we recorded 29 degrees one night. We have had some spectacular rains and some glorious warm sunny days. The foliage is turning here and there and soon all of the hillsides will be aflame with orange, gold, and red. Aspen trees just a fe... » Read More

New Earring Styles For Fall 2014 at Pebbles at my Feet

Between organizing the studio, promoting my online products, and researching and learning about a new camera I have been pretty busy lately. Oh! And around the house I’ve painted window trim, cleaned up a couple times for company and generally have been enjoying a beautiful green Colorado summer.  I still have found some time to make a few things. As I’ve written before I love making earrings. First, with my fall arts shows coming up, earrings are always good sellers so I don’t mind having an inventory. Second, I like the challenge of designing something with a little artistic impact in a small package or just ... » Read More

Purchasing a New Camera for Photographing my Handcrafted Jewelry

I’ve expressed some frustration here in the past with my 14 year old Nikon digital camera. My product photography has been pretty good with the old camera. I’ve seen my photos improve as I’ve applied tips learned in the forums here on Artfire and from fellow jewelry artisans. However, I felt I’d reached a plateau with my existing equipment. Frustration was rising and productivity was decreasing. Perhaps I have become more critical of what I expect in my product photography but my sessions seemed to be yielding fewer photographs good enough to publish for my online artisan jewelry shops on Artfire and Etsy. ... » Read More

More Designing With Color: Natural Stone Artisan Jewelry Design using a Color Wheel

Since my last post I’ve been busy with summer chores around the house. We also hosted out-of-town guests and I had to put away my projects. When I was able to get back to the bench, my first project was photographing a few pieces I’d made. These pieces proved to be problematic – most of them being pastel shades or clear stones in bright silver settings - a combination I find very difficult to photograph well. My frustration with my camera and photography set-up peaked and I’ve been away from the bench yet again to research new cameras, lighting, and backgrounds for jewelry photography. Look for blog posts to com... » Read More

Designing with Color: Using Natural Stones To Paint My Artisan Jewelry with Color

Last year on my business Facebook page, I started organizing my photo gallery with albums devoted to stones of a certain color: My natural stone palette – blue, for example. I don’t think Facebook was quite the right forum for what was kind of a mini blog. So I thought that I would bring the subject of color here to my blog. I love stones. If you didn’t know already, every Pebbles at my Feet creation has a stone in it somewhere. I prefer to use natural stones in my handcrafted jewelry, but the practice of enhancing gemstones for adornment is so pervasive, that sometimes for a particular color I have to tur... » Read More

Spring, Well Summer Studio Reorganization Continues: Storage of Jewelry-Making Supplies

My home studio organization has continued but it seems I’m still not organized enough to blog regularly! This post will be brief; I want to share two tips for supplies storage. I love the gemstone wall at my “local” bead store in Buena Vista, CO, Beads Louise. Louise has the strands of stone beads beautifully color coordinated. It is inspiration just to stand and gawk. The other great thing about Beads Louise is that the owner will break any strand to sell you one or a few beads. The now loose beads go into big storage trays, again sorted by color. As I’ve acquired my own personal stash of jewelry making s... » Read More

What I Made These Last Couple Days: In the Studio and In the Home

I love the title that Rosemari Roast of Walk in the Woods LLC on Artfire uses for her blog: “What I made Today”. I enjoy reading her posts. Hopefully, it is OK with her that I paraphrase and present my post today "What I Made These Last Couple Days". On Friday (5/23/2014) we had our first rain of the year. What? Yes, that’s right. Here at 9500 feet above sea level, most of the precipitation that we get well into May falls as snow. The last couple days, however, South Park seems to be in a summer like pattern of afternoon or evening showers, rain, or thunderstorms. The days are variable with blustery winds and building ... » Read More

Spring Studio Reorganization Continues for my Handcrafted Jewelry Workspace

I’ve been doing some Spring cleaning and reorganization around the studio – both my Artfire online studio, Pebbles at my Feet, and my work space at home. I’ll be sharing my successes and perhaps my failures with you through my blogs over the coming weeks. I am certainly no productivity expert; I can procrastinate and be distracted as well as the next guy. I do, however, know that I must improve my space and the way that I work. I hope that by sharing my experiences and hearing your comments that we’ll all do just a little bit better at our creative enterprises while still being free to be the wonderfully di... » Read More

Spring - Time to Organize the Jewelry Studio...and the Artisan!

I’ve not written a blog post in some time…too long, probably. As some of my readers know, I have a seasonal job in the winter. I’ve been a children’s ski instructor for over 5 years. This season, I was Assistant to the Director of Children’s Programs. The extra responsibility kept me busy, while the amazing snow this year had me skiing every possible moment off the job. As a result, I haven’t done much around the studio.  And that has got to change. I saw this charming A.A. Milne quotation today on Facebook and simply had to share it.     It is so true…of me, anyway! Iâ... » Read More

Holiday Seasonal Items at Pebbles at my Feet

This month (November 2013) I displayed my wares at three arts & crafts shows in my area of Colorado. The last show ran this past weekend, November 22-23, 2013 in Leadville. Of the three, it was the most “holiday-leaning” event. I don’t usually change the items in my jewelry collection specifically for the holidays, but I did make some earrings this year in a seasonal theme. I had them displayed like Christmas ornaments from a “bouquet” of copper wire-worked stems tucked in a rich purple wine bottle. The wine bottle makes sense when you see that some of the fixtures in my display are old wooden wine crates. ... » Read More

What's your Favorite Style of Earrings?

I have been making earrings and more earrings lately. Have a peek at some earrings that are just off my workbench. I love making (usually) simple adornments that feature one or two stones. But with the upcoming holiday season and its dressier parties I've been branching out a bit with more stones, more layers to my designs, and different wire work features.    What is your favorite style of earrings? Here’s a little pictorial review of earring styles. In my Dad’s hobby kit I found some clip on and screw back style findings. I have been using these to make gifts for my Mom. This style either clips or screws ont... » Read More

Flight and Flights of Fancy expressed in a Collection on Artfire

  I enjoy curating collections on Artfire. A collection is a selection of items that Artfire members put together often with a unifying theme. As one who builds a fair number of collections each month, I am always surprised with how many or how few views a particular collection receives. Sometimes I think it is simply a matter of timing and the many many collections that are logged each day that a collection slips through the cracks.  Anyway, my post today is a little experiment. I wanted to see if I could garner a little extra attention to a collection I made earlier this week by writing about it.   I called this collect... » Read More

Autumn in South Park Colorado: More than Just Gold in Those Hills

It seems like it was just yesterday that I was writing about spring here in South Park Colorado. That statement sure sounds like something my mom would say…seems like only yesterday…. Hmm. Today is the 3 of October and South Park is again the topic of my writing. This time I am writing about fall; fall color to be exact. The “fall color season” is underway. Huge splotches of gold can be seen on the mountainsides around 11,000'. Here at my house at 9300-9500’ we have not yet seen the peak foliage color. It is the large stands of aspen with brilliant yellow gold leaves that are the iconic Colorado fa... » Read More
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