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Beautiful Hawks and Eagles

Aren't these lovely?  Not the usual delicate songbirds (which I do love and will probably feature some time soon), these are strong, fiercely gorgeous birds.I've been watching the Hawk Cam:Live From the Nest~ a camera feed originating at the University of New York, outside the window of the University President's office. You can find it here ~ are three eggs in the clutch and I'm so hoping that at least one hatches while I'm watching.Eagles and hawks have always been a favorite subject of painters and engravings ~ so, to celebrate all the beautiful hawks and eagles ... » Read More

Vintage Tarot Cards ~ Gatti Il Menegazzi

Aren't these lovely? These are 4 original 1990 engraved tarot cards from the original 22-card Italian deck, "Gatti Il Meneghello", created by the renowned tarot artist, Osvaldo Menegazzi.I am offering these in my shop now in groupings of 4 cards (search my shop: "Tarot, cat") ... full, original, mint 22-card decks *are* available so, if you would like a complete deck of 22 cards (and its ribbon-tied hard case), let me know and I'll create a special discounted listing for you!1991 tarot I Cani cards, as well as complete decks with its hard case, are also available! Search my shop: "Tarot, dog"These are gorgeous cards ~ engraved on a beautiful bis... » Read More

mmMMMmmm Peach Pie!

Now tell me that your little taste buds aren't doing a happy dance in anticipation?*Vanilla Bean Peach Pie* ... oh, my, oh, my but doesn't that just sound yummers!!?Visit Lindsay's and Taylor's  to nab the recipe and then head to the kitchen to make!And ... by the way? ... Peach Pie officially counts as 2 Fruits. ... because I said so!xo karen... » Read More

A Seamstress/Crafter/Artist's Dream Book Shelf!

I've been fortunate enough to come across a crafter’s stash of needlework, crafts, and how-to books! She’s a seamstress, crafter, knitter … and will be moving soon and wants to clear out her books, booklets, and pamphlets of this tremendous crush of books. Her only request is that they go to a good home! These are beautiful books ~ each one of them in pristine condition … gently used (if at all!) and were wonderfully and carefully stored. Some of these finds are newer volumes (2005) and some date back to the 70’s and 60’s, and even to the 1950’s! Many of these are no longer in print and m... » Read More