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On Facebook today there is another one of those "Click Like on this posy and I will give you a ...." games. I usually skip past them in my newsfeed, but today's one is an attempt to flood Facebook with poetry. The thought of this appeals to me, as although I am not someone that consumes poetry books like a chicken greedily scoffs corn, I do have some poems I return to again and again, and poets I love. So...I clicked the like button in the hope I got Spike Milligan given to me as the poet I could quote. Why Spike? Simply because I love the way he uses words. I love the dark comedy. I love the sideways look on life he had. Mostly I wanted to sing t... » Read More


We have finally made it to land after many hard days at sea. The winds have not been kind to us and we have found the going very slow. The Pirate Pixies have been working hard to fix all they could whilst we were still at sea and although they have repaired lots of the smaller damage cause by the storm we still have two damaged masts and the bilge pump is still not working. We have anchored just off shore around the coast from a small fishing harbour. I know the locals realise we are here, but so far we have had no trouble. We are keeping a low profile whilst I try to work out how to 'acquire' the tools and materials needed for the repair work.... » Read More


I will keep this brief, as I've had so little sleep I believe I am starting to hallucinate. The voyage back to land has run anything but smoothly. The Pirate Pixie Crew have been arguing and fighting amongst themselves about whether they should have turned back. There are a few very vocal pixies that are adamant that it was a mistake. Then there are the others that agree with me that the galleon would never make it anywhere without repairs. These ones aren't so vocal though and they keep disappearing off to whisper to each other. I think they fear the others hearing them. We have another 2-3 days to go before we are back ashore. With masts that... » Read More

Return to land

Yesterday and today have been such hard times. I spent all yesterday trying to convince the Pirate Pixie Crew that we had to go to the nearest land possible, which is back the way we came. There was almost a mutiny when I first told them but after sometime of explaining to them that the Galleon would not get us anywhere in the state it is in they calmed down a little and stopped threatening me with being thrown overboard, but they still wouldn't turn the ship about. I don't know why I didn't just order them and wave a sabre around to scare them. After all they are so tiny you would think it would be easy to scare the pants off them, but there i... » Read More


Oh dear. The list of damages is far longer than I had hoped for. The Pirate Pixie Crew did the best they could to protect as much of the galleon as they could but the sea was in a foul mood and the skies were even angrier. Between them both they managed to rip, shred and snap pieces off of my beloved ship. It will take a lot of work and probably much gold to put all this right again. The only option we have is to limp back into the coast and find timber and tools to repair what has been ruined. Worse than the ship being damaged is that many of the beautiful little pixies have been injured. Most have cuts and bruises from being thrown about in t... » Read More

Captain Skulduggery Dug Gets A New Crew

Captain Skulduggery Dug was tired of all the scurrilous scurvy dogs in her ships crew. They stole from her, drank all her rum and never did the washing up! Cap'n Skully decided enough was enough and she made them all walk the plank into shark infested waters. One by one they were all gobbled up never to be seen again. All were left to sleep in Davy Jones’ locker. Cap'n Skully found it very difficult to sail her big galleon alone. Steering whilst putting up and taking down the sails on the ship was impossible. Doubloon the Captain’s faithful dog was roped in to take hold of the helm when the Cap'n needed to hoist the sails, eat her... » Read More