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Bead Fun

I've had a lot of free time these last few weeks, when I'm not working in the yard, so I have a lot of new beads to list. I'm also trying to reorganize and branch out. I've listed some of my beads on Ebay and just recently decided to put beads in my Etsy shop as well. I figured the more exposure the better.I made a series of beads using a technique to make them look like ceramic. I also decided to make sets of beads. This set includes a pendant and two focal beads. Perfect for a necklace and earring set.I also had a request for some larger beads to sell separately. These were fun, although I'm not sure why I have a problem making just one bead. Ma... » Read More

Glass look polymer clay

I have always wanted to try my hand at lamp work bead making. I love the look of glass. Well starting with polymer clay was much more cost effective. I have however, been fooling around with translucent clay and found I could almost mimic the look of lamp work. I've been researching different lamp work designs and I'm having loads of fun trying to mimic them.Always try something new. You never know what your capable of until you try.... » Read More

Go Ahead! Mix your metals!

     When ever I have a new idea, it always begins with "is it OK to do this?" Then I wonder, "who am I asking?"      I'm fairly new to jewelry making and I always think that there are fast and hard rules. It took me a little time to realize that whatever I can imagine I can do.      Don't be afraid to try something different or something you had previously thought should not be done.In this Triple Chain I used bronze, antique gold and a gunmetal chain. I love to  mixed different metals together.This Triple Chain   is antique bronze and copper.Don't be afraid to try something different. You may find the un... » Read More

New Charm necklace Inspirations

I recently was inspired to create some new items when looking through some charms at the craft store. I usually make my jewelry using my own handmade polymer clay beads, but I realized I was limiting myself. I realized I enjoy making jewelry so much that it didn't matter what medium I used. Creativity takes its own path.... » Read More

New Beads For Leather

I have had the last few days off work (my  other job) so i decided to work on something new. I really haven't  made a lot of beads lately and I was browsing some ideas for leather jewelry, so I came to the conclusion that I should offer some beads for people to use with cords and leather.I noticed there was a lot of jewelry and hair extensions that were modeled after the pirates (Johnny Depp of course) and that is where I found my inspiration.I made these beads with bold colors and used a stamp to create a little interest. I also paid little attention to the size of each bead, I wanted the size of the beads to be random to create a bohemian ... » Read More

Hammered metal Earrings in gold and copper

I had some copper.I had some wire.I had an idea!I love working with metal. I like that it can be shiny or dull, that you can create any shape you can imagine and you can combine it all to make an interesting piece of art.I had some shiny gold plated jump rings and I decided they were too shiny, so I started to hammer them. I also had some copper wire that was a little too thin for jewelry pieces, so I wrapped it around the hammered ring and then hammered some more.That was the first component of the earring.I decided to add more shapes so I made a spiral that almost resembles a musical clef. Again, I hammered that.Next was this little piece of cop... » Read More

My favorite things

When looking for something to write, I'm always stumped. I finally decided to start a weekly feature of my favorite items in my studio and a little blog about the inspiration behind the item.I think my recent endeavor of creating jewelry designs comes from my love of metals and glass. I originally wanted to learn to make glass beads but the polymer clay beads were a little more cost effective and work well with what I love to do. No more searching for the right bead. If I can think it up I can usually create it. Sometimes I just sit for hours making all sorts of beads and sometimes I will make something specific that I would like to incorporate in... » Read More

Gift tag ideas

I've been making cards and gift tags for a while now and I'm always looking for new ideas. I thought about gift tags and wondered why you couldn't use something different to add them to your gifts.These tags use raffia to tye onto your gift.This set uses twisted metal as sort of a paper clip to quickly clip to your gift bag handle.No tying.These use colored wire. A quick twist and its secure to the package.Try some different ideas of your own. The prettier the package the more exciting it is to give away!... » Read More

Just in time for Christmas

  I have often written how I love to learn new things. Well I finally made the transition to making my own jewelry. After doing a little reaserch and learning a few techniques, once again I couldn't help myself.     There are so many jewelry makers out there, and it seems to be quite competitive. but I think its the uniqueness of each piece and the designer that makes the journey all worthwhile. I didn't want to get into making my own jewelry, but the pioneer in me thought it was time to start something new. I've enjoyed it so much, that I think I found what I like to do best. This incorporates all of the skills and the materi... » Read More

Making paper beads

You are never to old to learn something new. I'm not posting this to teach you something new, But to tell you of my new project and to hopefully inspire you to try something different. I have always liked to work with paper, making cards and wooden trinket boxes, and I realized I had a lot of paper left over. Rather than using the same paper over and over I decided to purchase some new designs. But what to do with all the paper I had left?I've seen paper beads all over the internet and at craft shows and never really gave them a second thought. Then I thought that would be a great use for all the leftover paper I had.Thus started my new adventure.... » Read More

Pledge to Buy Handmade

Welcome to Prescence,I'm new to artfire and recently new to Etsy. Up until a few months ago. I had no idea these kind of sites exsisted. I have been selling on Ebay for a few years, but art isn't really big over there. I was thrilled when I found etsy and now Artfire.I have been crafting for a long time, but just decided to sell my ideas. I am hoping to broaden my portfolio and offer a wide range of handcrafted gifts and cards,. I really enjoy working with my hands and started with the cards. I love the different textures and effects you can come up with. I just started with the wire and beads, although I was never interested in making jewelery.I ... » Read More

Making our mark in handmade

I have been crafting most of my life. When I worked at Northwest fabrics and Crafts back in the early 80's I tried my hand at everything. They would need crafts made for display in the store and they would give us all supplies and directions for each project. I did needle point, cross stitch, sewing projects, basket weaving, paper cutting, painting and flower arranging. When they started a custom frame department, I even took classes for that and became the custom framer for that store.I always felt the more you know the more you can accomplish. And I am still learning more every day.Recently my emphasis is on paper and beads. I even like to incor... » Read More

Polymer Clay Beads

I have found over the years that everything I do has a natural progression. I really wanted to learn how to make glass beads. I'm not a jewelry maker but I love to look at and use beads in my other projects.I started with the paper beads and relly enjoyed watching the creations come to life. Now I tried my hand at something new and learned how to make the polymer clay beads. Once again my obsessive nature has taken off. I sat for weeks and made hundreds of beads. I decided to string some together to show people what they may look like in your own projects.All these beads are avilable in my studio in seperate sets.... » Read More