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Get Ready to Get Crafty!

Does the thought of experimenting with a new craft excite you? Perhaps you've wanted to learn how to create beads in polymer clay or how to create a beautiful scrapbook. Does $200 in materials to start with sound good? If so, there's a new contest at ArtFire that you might want to hurry to enter. It ends at a minute before midnight on February 13th, but entering is easy as long as you're on Pinterest and Twitter, and there's still time to jump on board!Simply create a Pinterest pinboard entitled Get Crafty and fill it with items you'd love to win from the Craft Supplies section of ArtFire. Only items from that section are eligible for the contest.... » Read More

Special Feature on Shadow Dog Designs!

There is something particularly wonderful about the jewelry made by Catherine of Shadow Dog Designs, and I've devoted a feature article found here [link] at Blogger to that special quality and Catherine's creations. I hope you'll check it out! For good measure, I'm appending a few more of her pieces at this blog on ArtFire, as a supplement to those in the main article. Here they are!Copper Daisy Hoop Earrings with AmethystsCatherine has named this wonderful pair of earrings "Spring Beauty," and they certainly evoke the springtime and are certainly beauties! The copper daisy hoops were made by Kristi of Kristi Bowman Design out of copper clay, in a... » Read More

Touch of the Sea from the JCUIN

I hail from the "Ocean State," and maybe that's why I tend to be attracted to jewelry with seashells and shell beads, and why I especially love working with shell beads myself. From the time I was a little girl, it has seemed to me that shells are magical jewels from the sea.All the pretty "touch of the sea" items in this entry were created by the talented members of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers Guild on Artfire. There is also a companion collection here with more great handmade jewelry to browse and enjoy. I hope you'll take a moment to check it out!from KathsElegantAccessoriesSeashell & Garnet Knitted Wire Cuff BraceletThis lovely light... » Read More

Flowers for Your Valentine from the JCUIN

If you're a guy who wants to pass "Valentine's Day 101" with flying colors, it's crucial to learn that although hearts are basic Valentine equipment, they don't quite go the mile without some flowers for delightful and pretty company. In the realms of romance, flowers represent the beauty and growth of love, and what better way to convey that vital message than through flowers that will still look freshly picked long after Valentine's Day is over?The artisans of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers have just what you need! They offer a lovely way to earn a gold star from her this February 14th and graduate at the head of the class.The handmade je... » Read More

Jewelry for Holiday Fashion Rebels!

Many people love wearing red and green during the holiday season, and very often those who don't love those traditional colors still wear something seasonal—for example, snowman haute couture. But there are always the individualistic stand-outs who think pink is perfectly fine for kissing under the mistletoe, and for whom the thought of reindeer pins and Santa anything brings on a mad desire for bright rainbow earrings or a major dash of turquoise. They are the holiday fashion rebels, and this blog entry is dedicated to them!The lovely handmade jewelry here was selected from the companion collection JCUIN Jewelry for Holiday Fashion Rebels.... » Read More

Happy Holidays with Handmade from the JCUIN!

There's nothing like gift shopping for handmade jewelry! Along with enjoying the fun of genuine variety and creativity in gift choices (so different from commercial choices!), there is always that sense of true discovery when the unique and one of a kind presents itself. The Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild on ArtFire offers many possibilities for holiday gift giving, some of which are shown below. They are part of a companion JCUIN collection, Holiday Handmade Shopping with the JCUIN. Hope you enjoy! from PersonalOasis Leaf Necklace - Dark Green, Salmon Pink, and Gold This amazingly pretty necklace features the gemstone... » Read More

Peace Never Goes Out of Style

People have been drawn to symbols of peace for centuries on end, from the ancient olive branch to the Biblical dove to the modern peace sign. When it comes to jewelry, there's simply something special about wearing a creation that conveys peace, whether directly (such as in the peace sign) or more suggestively (such as in the smooth beauty of beach glass). The items shown below were all handmade by members of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild and are part of a companion collection "Wear a Little Peace." I think there's a lovely and thoughtful quality to each one as well as a sense of connection to peace-loving people throughout the ag... » Read More

Sweet Sapphire Blue Creations

Sapphire blue is such a rich and regal color, yet it also has a sense of tremendous peace and serenity. Supposedly the throne of heaven is created from actual sapphires, which certainly does unite the concepts of royalty and peace. The jewelry pieces below, all sapphire blue in color or including sapphire blue in their design, invite us into realms of royal contentment that exceed mere fashion while also being downright pretty. I hope you enjoy them! All these creations were handmade by members of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild, and are included in a companion ArtFire collection, Sweet Sapphire Blue from JCUIN. from Shad... » Read More

Jewelry Featuring the Symbol of the Cross

The cross is an ancient symbol with various meanings across time and cultures. It can represent physical entities such as the sun and the four directions, or it can represent spiritual concepts such as eternal life and redemption. Perhaps its most widespread use is as a Christian symbol, for that entire belief system, regardless of specific church or denomination, reveres the cross as sacred and finds great meaning in it. The cross encapsulates faith in the redeeming sacrifice of a savior for humankind as well as belief in personal salvation; it also establishes a connection to the historic figure of Jesus. Today the cross also is used as a ... » Read More

Jewelry with Special Meaning

  from WildCatLeatherCo Sterling Silver Thunder Bird and Turquoise Circle Necklace with Natural Leather Cord, Unisex The Thunder Bird is a highly meaningful spirit bird in Native American culture, with legends that various across tribes. According to the artisan, "the bird symbolizes power, divine domination, transformation, indomitable spirit, and unquestioned authority." A beautiful symbol, and a gorgeous unisex necklace! from ShadowDogDesigns Rudraksha Seeds, Freshwater Pearls, Sterling Handmade Earrings The Rudraksha tree grows in the Himalayan foothills and other areas, and its seeds are traditionally u... » Read More

Lovely Amethyst Jewelry from JCUIN

Amethyst is such a lovely stone and color, and the JCUIN members below have used it to create some outstanding pieces of jewelry. If you love amethyst too, you're in for a treat! from WildCatLeatherCo Amethyst White Wrap Bracelet for Wrist, Ankle, or Boot Seven high-quality faceted amethysts are the highlight of this fantastic bracelet! It's perfect for your wrist or ankle - or for that special pair of boots! from BlueTina Sterling Silver Charm Dangle Ring with Amethyst and Rose Quartz Anyone who loves rings is bound to want this one! If you check out the extra photos in the listing, you'll see just what a kno... » Read More

Pretty Creations for the Cause of Awareness

Raise awareness and express support of your cause with these select items from artisans of the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers guild on ArtFire.   from talicreations Breast Cancer Awareness Necklace, White Pearl and Pink Czech Beads Talicreations has a lovely line of breast cancer awareness jewelry, including more necklaces and some beautiful bracelets and earrings. For example:   from JadjusJewelry Autism Awareness Lampwork Bracelet, Love and Hope This is an absolutely beautiful bracelet and great way to support autism awareness! This artisan's lampwork creations are stunni... » Read More

Party Time with Handmade from the Jewelry Creators Unite in Numbers Guild!

Cabin fever is almost at an end ... to be replaced by party fever! Of course, jewelry is an absolute necessity, and the more fun, the better! I hope these handmade goodies get you in the party spirit. • Egyptian Beaded Collar; Multicolor Netted Beadwork Fringe Necklace   by Sages Cupboard This stunning feast of color and gorgeous beadwork seems tailor-made for the stylish and strapless. Walk ... or rather, dance ... like an Egyptian! • Turquoise Pendant with Matte Finish by Artistic Pendants If eye-catching elegance is your party style, this may fit the bill! • It's a Mod Wor... » Read More