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Organizing My Artfire Merchandise, or ( How to get ready for Holiday guests)

  I have been using my guest room to store my ArtFire merchandise, shipping supplies,just about everything for my Refined Vintage Studio at Artfire. It is a small room to begin with.A fold out sofa, a vintage cedar armoire,a rattan lounge chair some small end tables & lamps a Bookcase and a vintage floor model television. I almost forgot, there is a big sailfish on the wall, that my husband caught on a vacation a few years back. This room is filled.   Now can you imagine it also filled with boxes against the walls, in front of the bookcase and armoire and T.V.? Vintage ... » Read More

Why I love ArtFire or (Where is the best place to sell online?)

Artfire is the best deal around!  Where else can you pay one flat rate to sell any amount of merchandise? How about one flat rate and no insertion fees, no final fees,no percentage of your sale, no extra fees of any kind?  The only  venue I know that gives you all this and so much more is ArtFire! ArtFire is  a sellers dream. You have tools to promote your studio, including a blog, & a Facebook application, that is included in your monthly rate. It's up to you to use them or not. With Artfire I have learned so much about selling on the internet. I have learned from their  help guides and staff... » Read More

Free Vintage Labels!

Previously Published 4-16-2011My sister Sheila once again has brought to my attention another great creative source! She seems to discover the best websites that inspire creativity.  The latest one being a source for vintage style labels! Free labels!  My sister is creative, very,very creative. Sheila has a craft room that is inspiring, everything is organized  and stored in beautiful displays, boxes, jars etc. that hold supplies, special trims & whatnot, so much to look at & discover. It is like a candy store for crafters & artists. I visited her in California last month and I just wanted to spend hours in that room and make things. Â... » Read More

How to post a Collection-This is the Easiest way to post a collection in the Artfire Forums!

I have been trying to post collections in the forums since I joined Artfire. Yes, i found the how to instructions from the Artfire Staff. But it did not work for me! I tried using the advanced reply, and making a widget, I followed all the directions step by step, and still it didn't work. I figured it must be something with my operating system, I use Internet explorer, Or google chrome on a desk top using Windows XP proffesional. But others were using the same sytsems, so why doesnt it work?  Good question, but  I have no answer.What I do know is that I learned a shortcut. A simple way to post a collection in the Artfire forums, from Bar... » Read More