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Spooky Mansion Halloween Decorating - Low Cost/No Cost Halloween Decorating

I have been busy planning a Halloween Party and getting the house decorated with a Spooky Mansion Theme. Every accessory I have used for Halloween throughout my home I already had with a few exceptions, mainly the Halloween specific items. This is key to decorating for Halloween with sophisticated Refined Vintage style AND on the cheap.  I like this "real" style so much better than store bought Halloween Decorations. I feel the same about Costumes! I discovered many, many great ideas via Pinterest of course ( my Favorite source)!Family RoomFor the Family Room I made these Crystal Ball Candlesticks and they looked amazing at night with the... » Read More

A Very Vintage Easter

 Easy, Affordable Vintage Easter Decorating I thought I would share some of my favorite Easy Easter Decorating Ideas, of course they all have that vintage style we love. You know how I love to decorate for the Holidays.Frame Vintage Postcards and use in VignettesMake copies of Vintage postcards, just right click and save image, then print. Then cut to fit your vintage or new frames, Instant  Easter Holiday Decor. Many royalty-free images are available online for FREE! The image below is fromBumble Button Create a Unique CenterpieceA grapevine basket or small wreath is the base for flowers picked from the garden with an added little ... » Read More

Bringing The Spring Indoors ~ How to Force Blooming Branches

 How to Force Spring Blooming Trees and Bushes Spring Branches just budding, look fabulous in vintage wine bottles, or vases Forcing Branches into bloom early couldn't be easier, Just cut with sharp knife or clippers and place in tepid water. Yes, it's as easy as that. It's Free and easy to DIY.                                         (via Pinterest)Go outside right now and cut some forsythia branches, place in room temperature water and in a few days you will have bright yellow flowers to chase away those gray skies.                      (Alexand... » Read More

Vintage Halloween Decorating-The Family Room and Foyer

It’s time again to change things up, get the house looking like fall and add a bit of Halloween too. I use the same decorations each year, but the key to making it fresh is using them in different settings, different rooms. I like to mix vintage home decor in with it all, because that is my style, eclectic. I always incorporate family photos in this case my daughters dressed in different Halloween costumes over the years.The Mantle Using Ivory ceramic pumpkins, and a friendly ghost votive holder I have chosen to use vintage crystal candlesticks with a couple of silver ones too, and a carved stoneware bowl to create an interesting mix of t... » Read More

D.I.Y. Backyard Makeover

I used to love to garden, but now I would rather go on treasure hunts or help a friend with decorating. My favorite has to be re-purposing and updating a room using what they already have. I love a challenge. Recently I was able to do a variation of all those things; it was a day I really enjoyed. We recently visited California and my sister in law Carolyn was in need of some assistance with bringing her backyard around to the vision she had in mind for it. She had made some headway but my Brother had some recent health issues and she didn't have the time to do all that she had planned. Carolyn had pots of plants all over the yard, flowers waiting... » Read More

Easter Decorating, An Easy Easter Centerpiece; Vintage Style

The Dining Room Tablescape Set For EasterEvery Year I like to bring the feel of  Spring to our table. The best years are when Easter falls in late April; the flowers are already blooming outside and I can cut small spring flowers to fill little vases. I use what I have. I own a few old vintage mirrors that I like to use as trays, when placed in the center of the table you create a focal point to start with. Flowering Almond branches, pale pink in color are in a vintage crystal vase with daffodils, I am partial to this two tone color, it's an early bloomer too, and a few sprigs of creeping phlox bring some cheer. A small  glass vi... » Read More

Valentine's Day Fireplace Mantel Decorating

The Fireplace is a quick and easy place to add seasonal charm. You do not need to do your whole house for the special holidays or seasons. Just little touches here and there make can make a  a room feel special. Let's focus on the Mantel or this could be a shelf in your home or a table top.Candles,always look great on a fireplace, I am using a favorite Norman Rockwell Collectible Plate, because it shows a couple looking at engagement rings in a catalog, very romantic... and  a basket of dried Hydrangeas, three family photos all in heart themed frames. A vintage glass vase holds two perfect tulips, and of course some glowing... » Read More

Halloween Decorating Made Easy With Vintage

Time to share a few decorating ideas for Halloween using vintage. I like my  seasonal decorations to be simple and easy to do. I have an old antique trunk from my grandmother that I like to seasonally change what I display on top of it. It sits against a wall behind a pair of chairs in my family room.   For Halloween and Fall in general just filling a basket with gourds and miniature Indian Corn add natural autumn colors and can be kept around through Thanksgiving. Put a basket full on your kitchen counter or coffee table. A vintage brown glass vase holds Marigolds; a perfect fall flower. On a stack of books I have placed a faux mini J... » Read More

Halloween Decorating with Vintage:The Fireplace Mantel

My Fireplace Mantle always reflects the Seasons. Autumn and Halloween Refined Vintage Style!I like to change my decor to match the seasons, and using fall colors and Halloween touches through out my home makes the house feel  like Autumn has arrived.  I strive to keep it Refined, celebrating the season elegantly. I like to use real branches of bittersweet gathered from a trailing wild vine. Pick when the berries are gold and they will be less messy, they will open to reveal the bright crimson berries within a day or two.  Usually I remove the leaves but this time I left them in my garage for a few days(mea... » Read More

How To Organize a Craft Room Creatively

 If you are like me you long for a place for everything and everything in it's place. Especially when it comes to arts & craft supplies,which have an odd habit of multiplying. The colorful Craft Room featured here belongs to my twin sister Sheila. I love the dark chocolate walls with white trim, all her supplies and decorations add vibrant rainbows of color! She has some great ideas that we all can use.1. Towel rack is used on wall to store skinny satin ribbons on the wall.2. A decorative memo board to hold snippets of inspiration.3.  Decorative wooden storage boxes elevate the lighting and keeps small   items organized. She h... » Read More

Wedding Favorites, The Best Ideas From Pinterest

I love Weddings... Always have always will.This time of year especially, makes me think about weddings, I may have been a wedding planner in another life. I especially love the Vintage and DIY Weddings.They are so romantic; and my favorite of all because they reflect the brides and groom personally. All images are Via My Pinterest Board- Vintage Weddings (links can be followed from there). Aren't the vintage bottles filled with flowers pretty, and the photos as decoration are a special way to share your romance with the wedding guests.If I was to plan a wedding I would go to Pinterest first, I as well as thousands of others (if not more) ha... » Read More

Easter And Spring Decorating With Vintage

I just have to share  some of my favorite ideas for Easter and Spring Decorating. When I think of Spring, I think of the flowers blooming. I pick what ever is available in my garden. Using little vintage glass vases and even salt & pepper shakers these tiny blooms fill my kitchen windowsill. I have pussy willow in a Fiesta Ware turquoise vase, and realistic silk flowers to fill in when there are no fresh flowers. You may nave seen this windowsill before on my Face Book page. Violets and apple blossoms fill tiny vintage vases, a Fuji Mum in milk glass next to my favorite Logan berry Milk glass vase from ImperialAnother... » Read More

What is Mid Century Style?

Vintage Mid Century Desk LampSo how much do you think you know about Mid Century Design? If you love design and decorating you probably know more than you think. Many of us grew up with this design style. But what defines this modern design? Is it the colors of the 1950’s? What about design influences of the 1960’s? Do the automobiles and appliances and even fashions of this time reflect the Mid Century design?  Mid Century Etched Atomic Star burst Tie Tack In most cases the answer would be yes!  Fashion and design style follow one another closely with every popular trend. You will see it reflected in every aspect ... » Read More

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home for Winter

Winter is here. Does your home reflect the seasons? It's easy to add little touches that feel like winter. What does that mean? I 'll share some examples:1.Place pine cones in a basket or bowl. Even better if they're the cinnamon scented ones!2.Create a vignette with wintry items;Two miniature vintage china deer midst a sprinkle of artificial snow and some seed pods  stand on top of a silver candle holder, topped with a vintage glass cloche. Magical.3.Use fresh evergreens in vases, change water often, they should last for weeks. Mix  the varieties for a nice display.4.Change table linens to darker colors,... » Read More

Silk Florals a Simply Beautiful way to Seasonally Decorate

I have always loved flowers! As a child I loved playing in the backyard surrounded by my mother's flower gardens. With my sister's help we would gather rose petals to make perfume. Other times we made houses under blanket tents that I would then fill with just picked flowers. It is not surprising to people who know me that I ended up being a floral designer. I have been designing for over 30 years, and I still love to surround myself with flowers. But if you live in colder climates you can’t always have fresh cut flowers from your garden in your home.Yes, I do buy fresh flowers for myself when ever I can, but financially not as ofte... » Read More

How do you decorate with Vintage?

 Vintage Hummel chimney sweep with vintage candlesticks,fall berries and vintage Indiana Glass covered candy dish. (Originally posted on April 1,2011- revised Nov.14,2011) It's easier than you think; look for vintage items that you love! I will be focusing on using vintage accessories, the little extra touch that adds so much.  It helps to go through decorating magazines or blogs to see what inspires you. Find rooms that you like. Why did you pick these? Is it the colors, the furniture, or the accessories? Most often it is a combination of all three, but you may see a pattern emerge that will help you to define what style you reall... » Read More
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