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Upcoming giveaway!

Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win something handmade from me!  I will post it here as well as on my facebook page!  I'll be posting the details hopefully soon!Good luck!  Sharon rose... » Read More


Well, it's finally that time...time to update my poor site!  It's been way too long, but I will be adding some new stuff here in the near future!  I recently updated the colours and banner, and I will be taking some pictures or my new work and getting them on here soon.  I promise!  I'm sorry for it taking so long, I've just been so ridiculously busy!  I have so much new work, that no one's ever seen, it's just hanging up in my work space, and it's time for it to be revealed!  So, stay tuned, and check back often!  If you want to see more than you see here, feel free to check my facebook page. There's a lot of photos I've uplo... » Read More