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A Flat Stanley Project for My Niece

Flat Paige’s Adventure in Texas I have arrived. Without boots. This could be a problem because it already looks like everybody in Texas wears boots.  As you can see by my face, I am very happy to be out of that envelope! My Aunt Lisa was very happy to see me, too. She said I look just like Paige and I said, “Well, yeah.”  Hahahaha!   The first thing I did when I got there was get to meet their kitty cat named Guinevere. You can see by this picture that she was so surprised to see me that she did a double take fast and could not believe her eyes! Then I met their little Shih Tzu named Roxi. She see... » Read More

A Red Front Door

In 2002  my son and I added wood molding and appliques to a paneled steel door and then I painted it. Nine years later the door had faded a bit in the Texas sun and I felt it was time for a change.... in a fire engine red kind of way. Ta-da! Tomorrow I will glaze it and that will tone it down a tad. I'm loving the new look! No jewelry was made during the painting of this door but... tomorrow is another day. ... » Read More

Christmas Dinner

This Christmas I am using my grandmother's china that I inherited. She collected it in the 1950's while they were stationed in Germany. I'm so thrilled to have an entire set including soup tureen, covered serving bowls, gravy boats, platters, service for 10 with cups and saucers for 12. It's a beautiful set and I'm proud to have it grace our table. Love you, Gram ... » Read More

Handmade Light Box

What's under the sheet? A handmade light box! Actually, a put together from things I had around the house light box.... I have plenty of light from a bay window in my kitchen but I also have wood and my handmade silk drapes...gorgeous drapes, if you want all of your photos to have a strange red hue. Previously I made a light box from cardboard and white paper which worked well but was a pain to store. I wanted something, but what? How about something I already had? A storage container! Two tiles fit perfectly, one laying on the bottom and one against the back. I used a white sheet to cover the container and two inexpensive clip on lights that... » Read More

Home Office Studio

Welcome to my updated studio. I repainted it but kept the same drapes and desk skirt I made for the original office. The carpeting has been replaced with laminate hard wood floors and an area rug. The jewelry chest holds finished pieces and works well as a faux entertainment center beneath the TV. I used a re-purposed cabinet door to hold the DVR and DVD player. Beneath that are some of my favorite books, hiding the lid to the jewelry chest. It's my secret compartment. Not that there is anything secret in there but, there could be if I wanted to. ;->The family is allowed to enter through the Mona Lisa curtain with the proper password. My husband s... » Read More

How to Make an Antique Book Wreath

Isn't this a wonderful project for an indoor wreath? I LOVE it! So pretty and best of all....handmade. ... » Read More

Jewelry Display. Vintage Pattern. Mannequin

Displaying jewelry for online selling can be a real challenge. My usual bust display was not giving me the style I was looking for, so I began searching for something a bit more unique. This item popped up on eBay and I was intrigued by the possibilities.   The tape on her neck was the starting point for her new faux wooden top with handle. When I searched for vintage mannequins, I noticed most of them had handles, and even found them for sale in the U.K.  Not wanting to spend a fortune for this project, I decided to use the finial off an old chandelier which now sits on i... » Read More

Kitty Cancer? Do Cat's Get Cancer? Yes. They Do.

Sunday my paw started bleeding and left a spot on the chair pad of my favorite place to sit. The rocker in the bedroom. My mom saw the spot and said they had to check me and Roxi (my sister the 7 lb. Shih Tzu) for an injury. My dad and brother were surprised to find a small tumor on my foot. Thankfully Roxi was OK because I really love her even if she does drive me crazy sometimes. Daddy and my big brother rushed me to the Pet Emergency Room where the doctor bandaged it up. He pet me and told me I was a good girl while he told my daddy to make an appointment Monday morning to see my veterinarian. Daddy took me first thing Monday mornin... » Read More

Use for License Plates. Garage Decor

I've been wanting to do this forever and finally collected enough plates. Another entire wall will be done as well, but for now we have progress. My sons did this for me today as part of my Mother's Day. I'll take their labor over any gift they can give me. Things get finished this way. The wall really looks cool as you pull in because the headlights cause them to reflect. Feels like Vegas, baby! Can you tell I'm happy? ... » Read More

Rox & Things on Handmade News

I found this old article while Googling my shop that I had completely forgotten about. What a pleasant surprise! August 16, 2009 | By desertmaidenbathworks Lisa is extremely talented and a very busy lady. Running an Etsy store, Artfire Studio and 1000Markets shop seems like it would be a full time venture, but she carries on a full time job outside of her creations! She's got a solid head on her shoulders and some good business advice for new sellers. I hope you enjoy reading about Lisa! Name - Lisa Broyles Business Name - Rox & Thingsâ„¢ Location - DFW, Texas Do you have any interesting personal factoids? I... » Read More