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Just Chatting about new projects

Just Chatting up with my peeps Hey everyone. Well today I have decided to paint again. I haven't painted in over a year. I find that I have to be really inspired to paint. I really enjoy making jewelry so I have been focusing on new techniques. As an artist I like to jump around with many techniques while making jewelry. I also think I need to change mediums every once in a while to keep the creativity flowing :) . So today i will start a new painting. I have 2 days to work on it so I will make this blog short. I am now thinking of what I would like to paint. I usually have a vision of what I would like to paint but to... » Read More

Looking for a LIFE CHANGE

Looking for a LIFE CHANGE   Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I wanted to write a blog today, well actually I have been wanting to write a blog for weeks now and just can't seem to find a good topic. Well I figured I would just write what comes to mind. I would like to share things in my blog that are personal but I figured I would go on into a rant and no one wants to really read that kind of drama do they? I know artists and creative people don't like drama to much. I feel like drama drains you of all your good energy. I know I grow more impatient each year with drama and all that happens in life when people t... » Read More