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Loomed Leghorn Egg Cozy

Loomed leghorn: an egg cozy Making an egg cozy To start things off, I whipped up a little leghorn hen egg cozy that will fit nicely over an egg: both real and plastic. I just happened to have a bag of plastic Easter eggs that I bought on sale a few years ago stashed in my craft supplies, so that's what I used. The hen is loomed on the Knifty Knitter 12 peg flower loom. I did a chain cast on using a medium tension and two strands of worsted weight yarn and then with a flat knit stitch I worked K1/P1 rib stitch for 4 rounds.The body & headThe body is done in alternating flat knit & purl stitches for 12 rows to form a garte... » Read More

Classy Winter Warmth Collection Curated By SherryCreates

Classy Winter War...Curated By: SherryCreatesHandmade Gifts... » Read More

It's A Ramen Noodles Kind Of Day

It's a Ramen noodles kind of day.  I'm keeping it simple. My husband worked the night shift last night and is sleeping.  So, I'm staying quiet by working on my blogs and listening to the radio on low. When I was single, I had Ramen noodles for my meals many times.  Not only were they economical, but I liked them.  Many times I made them into tuna casserole.  It was nothing fancy, but it was simple.I like simple.I've never been one to make anything more complicated than it needs to be.  I like things straight forward.  If a problem arises, I look for a simple effective solution.  As I write that it calls to mind that my husb... » Read More

Gift Wrapping Is Not For Wimps

I woke up to lots of sunshine today.  It's supposed to reach a high in the 50's today.  That's going to be nice for this time of year.  Snow is in our forecast for the weekend with highs only in the 20's.  I'll say brrrr to that right now. Yesterday, my mom came over and I took her to do her grocery shopping.  She likes the Wal-Mart here better than others in the area.  I have to admit that I do too, but I think it's because I am in there so much that I practically have the inventory memorized.Today I plan to hopefully (fingers crossed) finish up my Christmas gifts.  I also need to be working on a hat and scarf set and a sp... » Read More

Anyone Have A Fog Horn I Can Borrow?

Last night the fog rolled in here about 7:00 p.m.  It was a clear night and then it wasn't. It was really like a cloud fell from the sky and decided to stay and sit for a spell.  We live near a creek that runs through our property, so perhaps it's foggier here than where it might be elsewhere.So here's the thing ...My husband has been plans for today to drive about 60 miles to pick up an implement he's purchased.  It's about 18 feet wide and will involve crossing the Missouri River.  That will involve stopping oncoming traffic, etc.  I'll have to go with the car to follow with my flashers on and my parents have been drafted to do th... » Read More

The Judy Set

How are you this fine day?  I'm doing pretty well. It's a bright day here today and we're expecting a high in the 50's.  That is a nice bonus for this time of year.I've been working on a custom order and I finally have it finished.  I call it my Judy Set.  It's comprised of a loom knitted hat, neck warmer and mittens.  I did it in a rich looking charcoal grey.  This is the Judy Hat and Neck Warmer ...I am especially pleased with the Judy Neck Warmer.  Here's a closer view ..And finally, here are the Judy Mittens ...What do you think?  Is this something you would like to see in my shop?I hope you have a wonderful day and tha... » Read More

Swirling Thoughts ...

Today I plan to add a few new items to my SherryCreates shop. I've got a hat and neck warmer set plus two other hats ready to post. I've been a bit busy with custom orders so I've not kept a stream of new things in my shop like I've wanted too. I'm happy for the custom orders though. I also plan to work on some Christmas gifts today. I can't wait to show you what I'm making because it's something totally new for me. If they go over well at Christmas, I will probably be adding some to my shop in January. I'll post some pictures after my gift giving. My mind is always swirling with creative ideas. Sometimes it's hard for me ... » Read More

Who Is SherryCreates?

Who is SherryCreates?  It's me, Sherry StollI live on a farm near Maryville MO with my husband, Daryl.  We enjoy a quiet life.  He's grown up as a country boy and factory worker.  I grew up in a small town and spent many years as a secretary before we were married.  We've been together 14 plus years and I've been working from home as a handcrafter for most of them. Recently we've found out that the factory he works for will be closing in 2913.  So, he's job hunting before the big exodus of people into the work force. Change is a constant, isn't it? I guess I'm writing about it because it's on my mind. My belief is that we just... » Read More