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Trying something new....

I recently spent some time in the Colorado Rockies, and I had the opportunity to just 'be' in all the beauty...  It occurred to me as I sat on an overlook in the mountains,  that I wanted to try something new and different...I adore creating and painting our signs, but I felt the need to push the envelope a bit, and step outside my box. It was time, I was comfortable with what I was doing :)  I remember, out of the blue, just starting to think of all of life's lessons learned, and surrounded by all that beauty, it came to me.....a new design~~~Lessons LearnedHere are the first pictures of my new venture.... this is pyrography, but I be... » Read More

What is Word Art?

 Word Art is the hottest new trend in home decor!  It can be found everywhere: in the kitchen, family room, laundry room, get the idea!  'Words' have been incorporated into many different decor items: wall paper, individually cut out words and letters, bed & bath linens, picture frames, plaques and, of course, signs.  A home is more than just four walls and a roof; it is filled with memories, joys and love. Decorating your home with words and phrases that are uniquely "you", adds personality and individuality to your home.  Whatever your home decor theme, you will find word art that will enhance and enrich your s... » Read More

Inspiration From Unexpected Places....

A few weeks ago, I came across my copy of Robert Fulghum's "All I Need To Know, I Learned in Kindergarten".  It was given to me as a present the Christmas before our first child was born.  I remember that I read the essays over and over, laughing and crying at each one.   As I re-read a few of the essays, I was reminded of how the most basic things in life can bear such importance and how insight can be found in ordinary day to day tasks.  Much of what inspires me comes from simple things....a conversation with a friend, a song, nature, and yes, a good book!So, in tribute to a special book, and the memories it brought back....our ... » Read More

Designing and Building My Art Studio!

In late 1995, my husband and I bought a couple acres of land in rural Harford County, MD to build our dream home.....many sleepless nights, and lots of sweat equity later, we moved into our home~~the home we designed and built ourselves.  We were here through the entire project, from the first shovel of dirt, to the last coat of paint on the walls.  It was an incredible experience, and through it all we learned much.  So you might be thinking that my husband is a builder, but he is not....but that is a whole 'nuther story :)So now, after --16 years,  2 children, 3 dogs, 1 homeless kitten, 5 guinea pigs, 2 Brazilian hampsters, several h... » Read More

Hello, Autumn!

Hot apple cider, corn mazes, hardy mums, colorful leaves pumpkin pie, hayrides, jack-o-lanterns..... .....I could go on and on!   But I love the traditions of the season even gatherings, cooking and baking, ready-ing the gardens and house for winter,  and of course, decorating for the upcoming holidays.  We have brought back our most popular Autumn inspired wood sign....'Autumn Harvest'....and have added a couple new surprises to our studio!   ... » Read More

Witnessing the Miracle of a Thunderstorm

Last Friday, there was a 30% chance of thundershowers.  Nothing to get excited about, just a run of the mill late afternoon spring thunderstorm threat.  Or at least that was what I thought.....The sky started to darken a bit, so we went outside on our patio to ready the patio furniture for the storm.... when we saw the most amazing site.... As the storm approached from the west, the sky came to life with the most incredibly vivid colors. We had never seen such a dramatic sky.  I ran to the house to get my camera, but, of course, the battery was dead!  So I grabbed my cell phone and hoped for the best.This was the photo that I snap... » Read More