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More sales are made at shows this year!

I am not sure what this is saying about my products.  Perhaps, it is because of the one on one environment at a show.  People ask questions and I answer.  They get to smell and feel my soaps and lotions.  If I were confident enough to post a video showing the normal show environment, that might help.  Better ask if we can post  Shauna at Silver Palace Soaps & Sundries... » Read More

Trying to be back in the saddle

  As our daughter has finally moved in to her house, and our "angst" is dwindling, I am intending to step up the business affairs and move it to a more profitable state of being.  I will be uploading photos of soaps, lotions, and other products, as well as trying to maintain a presence in the vintage material line.  Thank you all for sticking with me....Shauna of Silver Palace Soaps ... » Read More