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Nominate Your Favorite Vets and Films/Shows/Songs

Hey - do you have a favorite vet, one who goes so far above and beyond the call of duty that you'd like to tell the whole world how wonderful he or she is?Then this is your chance to do that! My pet insurance company, PetPlan, sends a great newsletter each month to subscribers, and I found out about this contest. So I want to share it with anyone who may read about it here, as well as another opportunity to let your opinion be known about your favorite film or show or song related to animal rights and protection.1 - PetPlan is seeking America's favorite vet. Anyone can nominate their favorite vet, from pet parents and veterinary office st... » Read More

Pet Rescue Alert Download Info

I have pet insurance for my cat, Chester. Many of you may have insurance for your beloved pet friends as well. But even if you do not, you are no doubt concerned about their safety day in and day out. So, if there is an emergency and your pets need rescuing, how will the firemen or other rescue workers know you have pets? Only if you are there....but if you are not, only if you have a means of notification readily visible about the pets who are living in your home. Fire and rescue workers are trained to look for alerts on windows and doors about the pets who may be living inside the homes or apartments they must enter in an emergency. To... » Read More

Cat Trivia

Did you 1973, California governor Ronald Reagan signed a bill into state law that made it possible to send a person to prison for kicking and inujuring another person's cat? ... » Read More

Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants for Pets

Many of us are concerned that our pets may ingest one of our plants and we may not know what would happen if they did. It seems some pets, cats and dogs and perhaps other types of pets, have the need to chew on things and a leafy plant sometimes is the object of attention! So it's time we all spread the word about where to look for info about which plants are safe and which ones are not. To that end, go to this website to see the list of plants that are proven to not cause problems for pets and their digestive systems: And go to this site for a list of all the plants that have been proven to be unsa... » Read More

Lovely Cat Poem

I have seen this cute poem in many magazines and books, as well as places online...the author is not known so I cannot give proper credit where credit is due. But I'm sure all cat lovers can identify with the unknown author's feelings about his or her cat(s): Gentle eyes that see so much, Paws that have the quiet touch. Purrs to signal "all is well" And show more love than words could tell. Graceful movements touched with pride, A calming presence by our side. A friendship that takes time to grow, Small wonder why we love them so. -----------------------(Author Unknown) ... » Read More

A Funny Cat Superstition

I was reading about cat superstitions the other day in search of something to post here. The one that struck me right away was this one: A sneezing cat is a sign of future wealth. Now, I can assure you this one is definitely just a superstition and is not true in the least! I say that because my cat, Chester, sometimes sneezes 13 to 17 times in a row. No joke! And he does this fairly often, once or twice a month. The vet says he has allergies of some sort. I even bought a better air cleaner because of this, and he does not sneeze quite so often as he used to. And sometimes he only sneezes 5 or 6 times in a row before he quits, but when he ge... » Read More

Safety Reminders and Health Tips for Our Pets

I recently wrote an article for my Crafting for Animals Guild blog that has a lot of good info and safety tips for all of us and our pets during the summer months here in the US including food issues, fall hazards, and a new health concern in the Southeast.  Please take a look and let me know what you think by posting a comment here or there: And I just got a bunch of new stuff listed in my variety studio, Sew Bizzy please take a look when you have time. If you have any questions, be sure to contact me. Thanks everyone!... » Read More