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More snow for Northern AZ! Yes...in APRIL

What a winter it's been....wait...it's SPRING isn't it? After the 120" of snow this past winter and the best ski season in decades, we are still getting blessed with the white stuff, even this late into April! We are moving from Flagstaff in about 3 weeks and while our new location about 100 miles south will see a little bit of snow, we will be at a lower elevation so it won't be so dramatic! Just last week while watching a neighbor plant her patio pots, I reminded her that it's really not wise to plant ANYTHING until after May 15th but she laughed at me....I wonder if she's laughing this morning looking at her frozen little pansies?... » Read More

Get out that tape measure for a PERFECT fit!

It's SO important that my customers communicate their dog's measurements to me after purchase and so many times they just don't :( I pride myself on custom made petwear so this is an imperative step into assuring that the item FITS. I do not accept returns on custom items. For standard items like collars, hats and snoods, most dogs fit into the following categories and because these items are somewhat adjustable I don't worry as much about exact numbers:  x-small-chihuahuas, teacup dogs, toy breeds under 8 pounds. small-yorkies, Italian greyhound, maltese, shihtzu, mini poodle, min pins, mini dachshund and dogs in the 10-12 ... » Read More

My pot of gold, right in the front yard

We have the most wonderful monsoon storms in the summer months here in Arizona. They blanket the entire state with their much needed rain and fill the sky with some of the most beautiful imagery! From glowing clouds at sunrise and sunset to magnificent double rainbows which graced our front yard just the other evening. We just moved to this delightful little ranch 2 months ago and I think the Universe was telling me that I have FINALLY found my pot of gold and it's right here..... right outside my front door. Now click your heels and repeat after me...."there's no place like HOME!" ... » Read More

HGTV Handmade Holiday Special, did you see us?

We are VERY excited here at Spoiled Bratzwear and honored to be chosen for the HGTV special last night, Handmade Holidays. The show will be re-broadcast on December 3 at 7pm EST. Our fleece and faux shearling dog vest, snood and legwarmers has also been included on the HGTV website in the "Unique Handmade Products" category, not pets where I would have assumed it would be. http://marketplace.hgtv.com/Product.aspx?Lid=4145-10110996 Either way, we are thrilled to be acknowledged by HGTV for our innovative and unique petwear. Hope you get to watch the re-broadcast on December 3rd if you missed it last night. We are featured in the #... » Read More

The Kind Life celebrity blog feature

Imagine my suprise the other day while checking shop stats I noticed several referrals from actress/author Alicia Silverstone's blog, The Kind Life. Her blog focuses on a vegetarian lifestyle and eco-friendly options for everyday needs. http://www.thekindlife.com/post/lacy-and-her-doggie-diapers Her rescued dog, Lacy is older and incontinent and while she has never purchase my eco-friendly, washable diapers or inserts, she posts a link here to the shop. Thanks Alicia! For dogs who are elderly, new puppies and even for the occassional "traveling" marker, my dog diapers, inserts and floor pads  are an invaluable tool that h... » Read More

Confessions of a mopaholic--and some spray mop reviews

I definately suffer from OMD (obsessive mopping disorder) but no one would believe I live with 7 dogs if they came to visit. I mop my tile floors every day, sometimes twice. My sewing room looks like a hurricane passed through but my floors are squeaky clean on any given day. I don't use chemicals to clean my floors, just vinegar and sometimes non-chorine bleach for the tough stuff. And some non-toxic enzymes for any pet messes. Mops are a very important tool in my home! My first spray mop was an O'Cedar Pro Mist which I purchased at the local Alco for $24.99. Talk about EASY! A little refillable bottle on the handle allows me to use wha... » Read More