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History of Vera Neumann

Vera Neumann was born in Connecticut 1907, and died in New York 1993. Vera studied art and design at New York City's Cooper Union. Immediately after World War II, in 1946, she founded the business with her husband, George Neumann, who was the son of a wealthy Viennese textile company owner, The third partner in the budding business was F. Werner-Hamm, who hand delivered the early creations to the Fifth Avenue department store B. Altman. Hamm said, he showed them to the buyer and he liked the new and fresh designs. In fact, he liked them so much the order almost floored us. How could we possibly deliver? But deliver they did! During the next decade... » Read More

Care Instructions for Vintage Scarves

Care Instructions for Vintage Scarves: Pure silk is a beautiful and valuable natural material with a wonderful luxurious feel to it. Care of your silk scarf should be handled with love and care. When not wearing it, you should fold it without creasing it and store it in a box wrapped in tissue paper. You can also hang it over a padded hanger. If your silk scarf is wrinkled you can always iron it. When ironing the scarf use the lowest heat setting of your iron (one on the scale). When ironing be sure not to iron the rolled hem edges as that will flatten the delicate roll on the hem. Silk can be cleaned by hand washing with cold ... » Read More

Guideline For Dating A Vera Neumann Scarf

This is a general guide line to follow if you have a Vera Neumann scarf and are trying to place the date of when it was manufactured. Here is a timeline to help date Vera scarves using the signature printed on the scarf. Her earliest scarves (1947 through the early 1950s) have "Vera" in small print with no symbols. The labybug & © (C in a circle, copyright symbol) were added to the small "Vera" in the late 1950s. The ladybug remained into the 1960s, however the "Vera" signature got bigger. Sometime in the mid to late 1960s, the ladybug was removed, but the copyright symbol remained.   Her signature conti... » Read More