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Recognizing Gold

GOLD is probably the most popular metal used in jewelry, at least in vintage and costume jewelry, because it can be used in a variety of purity percentages (affecting cost) and colors. Solis gold is usually marked, but sometimes finding or understand the marks can be a challenge. Below is a simple guide to the most common uses of gold in vintage jewelry.Gold markings in the USA are based on 24 parts, with 24 parts being 100%. In Europe they often use the percentage numbers instead.24K gold – 24 parts or 100% pure gold, but really too soft for use in jewelry18K gold - 18 parts gold or 75% gold, marked 750 in Europe14K gold = 1... » Read More

Amber Information

Amber is a natural material - from almost a clear translucent to an opaque gold or yellow. It is much lighter than other gemstones... because it is not really a gemstone at all, but fossilized resin from 35-50 million-year-old trees. Originally gooey in nature, it trapped dust and other particles, including insects. (The most valuable, and rare, amber pieces contain identifiable insects!) Though amber can be found in several locations around the globe, I am most familiar with Baltic Amber - which I believe is the best quality amber. Millions of years ago, forests surrounded the Baltic Sea area - creating a plethora of amber in ar... » Read More