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Copper Swirl Showpiece Complete

Just prior to my last show I need a creative boost. I decided I would sit down and create a Showpiece. One of those pieces that you do because you would love to create, one of those pieces that may not sell , but you just feel the need to create.  This is my piece. The blue stones are dyed Variscite and Swarovski crystals. The piece is created completely from raw copper wire 24-14 gauge. And guess what my first show with this piece I won Best of Show! Enjoy..... » Read More

Amanda Seyfried Gifting through The Artisan Group

This is my presentation of a Free Form Copper necklace that was gifted to Amanda Seyfried... » Read More

Free Form Copper No. 2

Freeform Copper No.2 - The possibilities are endless...... » Read More

Freeform Copper...Loving these

These items are in my Show inventory for now, but let me know if you really, really, want it ;) Price is $55... » Read More

Whim Originals Gifts DREW BARRYMORE through the Artisan Group!

Just received notice Drews Gift bag has arrived at her publicist and is waiting for pick up!This is what I made for Drew! Be on the look out for pictures of her wearing it.... » Read More

NEW! Out of the Whim Originals Studio: NEW Technique - I am in LOVE!

One night last week while feeling a bit of a lack of creativity, I went out looking for a spark. Well I found it in a tutorial found on Jewelry Lessons.com. I stop in at this site once in awhile just to check out what people are up to. On this night last week I happened upon a tutorial that showed a technique that I thought looked interesting. I am so thrilled with this technique that I have been focusing on it for at least a week now...I will post my additional projects here as I continue with them.  These will be for sale in my Artfire Studio soon!First Project:Stretching my wings with it a bit:I already have two additional project star... » Read More

Ginnifer Goodwin Gift shipping Mon. Nov. 21...

The necklace is something that I just felt compelled to make. I usually don't get a driving need to create something specific for someone...but this kept rattling around in my head. To me it has an earthy and old look to it (Ginnifer likes vintage), but most importantly I think I was totally influenced by the show "Once Upon a Time" and the ideas of Cinderella and Snow White...The earrings are much more to what I have seen on Ginnifer is photos...actually I love these and they will be in my Artfire shop soon!... » Read More

Whim Originals to participate in Gift Bag for Ginnifer Goodwin of "Once Upon a Time"

Through participation in "The Artisan Group" I have the opportunity to provide a gift for Ginnifer Goodwin who plays Snow White in the new TV series "Once Upon a Time".  I just received the email today so now I have spent all day Googling Ginnifer to find out her sense of style.  First...this is Ginnifer: What I have identified so far...she loves vintage, very rarely wear necklaces, but does like a dangle earring. She has a Vintage slash contemporary sense of style. I also have found out that she has two cats Merlin and Pearl...so one idea is my corset ring...with the names of both cats. I will keep pondering Stay posted for more... » Read More