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Gearing up for the busy season

Recently I added a couple new bookstores as wholesale customers. I am always glad for this.  It is also the time when my current bookstore customers start ordering my bookmarks for the Holiday season.  It is time to get busy in production mode. There are several local craft fairs in the fall that I attend which adds to the demand this time of year for making more of my bookmarks.  And thankfully I start getting more Artfire orders. It is an exciting time of the year for a small craft business. Because it is something I love doing and it is 'my craft',  it feels so worthwhile spending the extra time in the workshop. Looking forwar... » Read More

Why make something to sell?

Something to ponder: Why do we make crafts to sell?  For me it is a mix of reasons.  Some family members really liked my wood bookmarks and thought I should sell them.  I agreed and thought it was worth trying.   Originally I thought I could make enough to help pay the costs to  continue my craft.  I wanted to keep doing the craft I loved, which is woodworking.  I think craftspersons all love the process of making the things we have featured on Artfire.  Also I think we like to show others what we make and to express the satisfaction we get from creating something.  In turn, we like others to notice and appreciate our... » Read More

Branching out with new product (tree ornaments)

Soon I will add Christmas tree ornaments as one of my woodcraft products.  They will feature some of the same silhouette cutout designs as my bookmarks.  A piece with the cutout design will be glued to a backer piece of contrasting wood color.For the last two years, as the Holiday Season approached, I was asked by one of my bookstore clients to make some Christmas tree ornaments from wood.  I did this in early December and felt the pressure to get them done along with my increased Holiday orders from the bookstores for bookmarks.This year I will have 4 or 5 tree ornament designs listed on my Artfire store by early September.   I wan... » Read More

Bookstores are where I started

The marketing of my main woodcrafting product, the wood bookmarks, started in independent bookstores and gift shops.  I actually started by getting references to favorite local bookstores from friends and neighbors and then calling the stores to set an appointment.  All the store owners were friendly and professional. Some decided to carry the bookmarks, others not.  It was a start. Soon I started to expand beyond the Triangle Area of North Carolina.  Looking at several lists of independent bookstores on the Web,  I started cold calling stores in other states to see if they would like to have the bookmarks for sale in their stores.... » Read More

Making of wood bookmarks

Last month my teenage daughter wanted to help make a video showing some of the steps involved in the making of my wood bookmarks.  She used her camera to take digital video and then posted it on YouTube.  I think it gives the viewer a good idea of the steps involved in making something that looks so simple.Here is the link to the video:  http://youtu.be/IesCd6xaTMs  ... » Read More