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A New Hat for Blythe

  I knitted this hat from a varigated yarn fuzzy yarn. I Love this pattern!  So Cute!... » Read More


After another surgery on my hand I think I am finally good to go.  I have been knitting little bralette tops to go with my sweaters.  My friend got three of them and went out in the snow to take their picture in them.  What a kick!... » Read More

A Pink Party Dress

I had hand surgery two weeks ago which has knocked me out of my knitting frenzy I was in.  One more week tho and I am already going nuts sitting on the couch.On the strength of that I ordered all kinds of new yarn and I cant wait to get it! Isn't this a darling party dress complete with pink little tiny faux pearls.  ... » Read More

A New Line of Purses

  Before my hands give out entirely I thought I would try my luck at beading which is something I actually learned how to do years ago from a good friend.  I found some wonderful wool felt and did a free form-style retro looking handbag for my Blythe doll. I found some really pretty neat beads and decided to do a free hand embellishment on the flap of each purse. They were fun and  I might make more next week.... » Read More

Another Ball of Yarn Another Outfit

  Week 8 of my new found loves...Blythe and knitting and I wonder why I have carpel tunnel syndrome. I could hit Cindy over the head for ever showing me her dolls.  I had to go out and buy not one but 4.   I cant seem to  put the needles down I am so in love with yarn!  Just give me another ball of yarn and I will whip out another outfit.... » Read More