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Beading Schedule

NOT ABLE TO TAKE ON NEW ORDERS UNTIL ABOUT AUG. 7, 2015 MESSAGE BOARD: Mon. July 20, 2015. I am currently unable to take any new orders for a few weeks.  Not until about August 7th. I did not want to put my website on vacation, because then the hatbands are not visable to perspective future customers.  I am sorry for this delay, but I have received 6 orders (7 hatbands)in 13 days, since June 25th.  Luckily I am on vacation from my day job through July 17th. If wanting to order, just know I can't start to bead one until the end of the first week in August. Thanks for your patience. Unfortunately, handmade takes time as each hatband, not... » Read More

Native American style beaded Hat Band~Custom Geometric Hatband

This was a great opportunity for me. I'm getting Notoriety in the Beaded Hatband Field? A custom order for two identical hatbands. The widest hatbands I've ever beaded on the loom, at 1 3/8" Wide. I got them beaded and finished in 12 days (about 72 hours of beading) and shipped out, to be displayed on hats, for the Calgary Stampede 14', at HOLT RENFREW, Whoo Hoo!! Now back to the 6 orders I have waiting on me. This is unbelievable! I am thrilled and blessed with this hobby turned lifeline. The customers I meet through the internet are wonderful and appreciative, and I get so much joy in beading the hatbands that they have been looking for. http... » Read More

Purple Tapestry beaded hat band, Native American style beaded hat band

This particular hat band was a custom hatband ordered in October 2013, by Kat Brown of La Mesa, CA, for the father of the bride, her dad, to wear on her wedding day, Dec. 1, 2013, upon giving her away. :-) Therefore, I do not have one currently beaded and available. If you would like one custom made for your size, like this one, please contact me. One can be beaded and ship in 7-14 days depending on my current beading schedule.I offer to you some of the finest loom bead work you will ever see, today. All my beaded hatbands are individually and meticulously handmade, beaded by me.They are beaded entirely on my handmade oak loom, or in peyote stitch... » Read More


CLASSIC BLACK AND BONE HAND BEADED HAT BAND              This one was purchased on 5/19/13 by Scott Mulvaney of Carmel Valley, CA, so I do not currently have one completed and available, but am beading one currently on my loom to replace it.  If you would like one like it, please contact me.  I can easily bead one and have it ready to ship in 7-10 days, depending on my current orders.     All my custom-patterned beaded hatbands are meticulously hand beaded on my handmade oak loom, or beaded in Peyote Stitch, by myself personally.  This one is beaded on the loom.                  ... » Read More

Native American Beaded Hatband Design~Pueblo of Tesuque Seal

Native American Beaded Hat Band Design. The design is on the Pueblo of Tesuque Seal and I understand that it is also the pattern used on the Tewa dance kilts worn by men and boys in Pueblo dances. The colors used represent, green for green fields, the red and white stripes for rain, and the "Steps" are for the steps to the Kiva. Although I am NOT of Native American Descent, I have a love for Native American Beadwork and their designs, and have beaded commissioned beadwork for several Native Americans themselves. All my loom beaded hat bands are individually hand beaded on my handmade oak loom, by myself personally. This one took about 20 hou... » Read More

Menominee Native American Design, Beaded Hat band

Menominee Native American Design ~ Native American Style Beaded HatbandThis hat band is my replica of a Menominee Design seen in a Beads to Buckskin book.This geometric design beaded hat band, titled Menominee Native American Design, I patterned from information in the Beads to Buckskin book. This hatband is 19-beads wide, finishing at 15/16" wide with 333 rows, incorporating 6,327 individual size 15/0 quality glass seed beads, in five colors, of Bone, Black, Pewter Gray and two shades of Red. The beading of the hat band is completed. It can be processed to ship to the buyer, with their choice of Natural or Black Leather Ends. It will be fin... » Read More

Quality Beaded Hat Band ~ Native American Style Beaded Hatband

Please check out my friend (VI's) beaded hatbands, in California at if you don't see what you are looking for in my studio, .  She learned to loom bead from me, several years ago, and we get together and bead as often as possible, a couple times a year.  Her hat bands are done in 11/0 Japanese seed beads and she does a great job.Here is a great one. Mine are done mostly in the smaller 15/0 Japanese seed beads.  Either size makes a great hatband.  Please check out her stu... » Read More

Native American Beaded Hat Band Design Replica from Warrior Bonnet

ACCURATE REPRODUCTION OF VINTAGE INDIAN DESIGN USED ON ONE OF CHIEF JOSEPH WHITE BULL'S WARRIOR BONNETS, Circa 1876.  Although I am NOT of Native American Descent, I have a love for Native American Beadwork, and have beaded commissioned beadwork for several Native Americans themselves.  I patterned this design by viewing the photograph of White Bull wearing his horned warrior bonnet, in my book Mystic Warriors of the Plains. I offer to you some of the finest loom beadwork available today. All my beaded hat bands are individually hand beaded on my handmade oak loom, by myself personally, using only quality glass seed beads. ... » Read More

Pawnee Bill Beaded Hatband~Replicated from 1909 Belt Design

Pawnee Bill Beaded Hat Band. Reduced Reproduction of Vintage Native American Beaded Belt.All my loom beaded hat bands are individually hand beaded on my handmade oak loom, by myself personally. This one took about 20 hours to complete, 1 bead at a time."A WORK OF ART ~ HEIRLOOM!"This one I patterned after a vintage Native American beadwork piece, Pawnee Bill Beaded Belt. (see photo 4). This listing is for hatband only. It is 17-lines wide, finishing at 3/4" wide with 324 rows, incorporating 5,508 individual size 15/0 quality glass seed beads, in three colors of Yellow, Cobalt Blue and Red. This one finished with Natural deer hide tabs and ti... » Read More

Legends of the Fall Beaded Hat band Replica

These posts today, 9/11/12 is what has been keeping me busy over the last 2 months.  I appreciate the business. I have a few hatbands that are popular, and this is one of them.  Please click on the link at the bottom and check it out.  If you'd like to order one, please contact me. Here is the latest customer comments, once they received this hatband.  I'm so happy they love their beaded hatbands from me. EMAILS FROM BUYERS AFTER PURCHASES ARRIVED Blog By Bill Gebhart on 09/08/2012 (Wimberley, Texas) Howdy Andrea. My new " legends of the fall hatband" is awsome. I swear it makes me look a whole lot more like Brad Pitt than I would... » Read More

Replica of Original Billy Jack Beaded Hatband

Native American Style Beaded Hatband, beaded on loom.                                                      My Replica of the Original Billy Jack Hat Band, made in the USA.                                    A variation of this one was ordered on 6/28/12 by Michael Drake of British Columbia, Canada, so I do not have one currently available at this length.  If you would like to purchase one as in... » Read More