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Hope (fighting for The Cure)

I just realized this is October and we always try to raise awareness of Breast Cancer and its toll on the women in our lives. Having lost my own grandmother to this disease long before it was recognized as it is today (almost 30 years ago!) the whole month speaks of how precious life is and it is a gentle reminder to love yourself, your family, your friends, and every moment of your days. With pink everything surrounding us this month - what other piece to choose today than my 'Hope' earrings? As their name states - they are very classy and delicate hoops (silver plated) with the pink ribbon as a reminder of what we are trying to achieve: to find ... » Read More


Besides semi-precious stones and crystals and glass beads I like to experiment with other materials. A couple of years back I discovered Polymer Clay - a material that will allow me to go as crazy as I want and to combine colours in a way I couldn't fathom before. While I haven't got to the perfection of creating flower petals or butterfly wings, one of the pieces I love most is the Nautilus - which uses a 2-colour palette in a very unusual way. Circled together in one of the most versatile and classic shape (the never ending circle, spiral in this case) the turquoise and purple bring each other to life and they inspire you to laugh and be happy... » Read More

Elegance (pearls)

I picked today's piece from my collection of gifts - this one was made for a very dear friend of mine. You know the type - the one that has everything and you cannot figure out what to give them... If you buy something too expensive you fear they'll think you're showing off; you can’t really buy a trinket; nothing seems to be the perfect gift. So you decide to make something for them - and that will make it special, even if it's not pure 24K gold or diamonds. Thus the 'Elegance' piece - strung with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals: the necklace with a shell cross as a pendant; the bracelet with 3 strands. This is such an elegant pie... » Read More

The Aztec Dream

Today I am going to tell you a story about one piece I love: The Aztec Dream. I love Turquoise - most of my wardrobe contains pieces in shades of blue and turquoise. For years before I starting creating jewelry I admired the silver and turquoise jewelry wherever I went... once I started making my own jewelry - I kept dreaming about this rich necklace, with a huge turquoise stone. Somehow I kept creating other pieces, never my turquoise one. One recent day I was browsing my local bead store when I came upon this doughnut turquoise and I knew this is it, this is the day when my necklace will be born. I quickly paired it with the chips, copper Czech ... » Read More


Hello there - and Welcome to the Grand Opening of All the Pretty Things! This is my first entry and I am busy today trying to put the finishing touches on the eStore. However I would like to welcome everyone - please come in and check all the items we have for sale. They are all made in Canada, with love and with the wish to create beautiful things: for wearing, for displaying, for decorating, for gift giving! We mostly create jewelry: fun or delicate, elegant or all-day, there is something for everyone. Sometimes we enjoy creating pieces of art - like the glass & polymer clay vases, or the artsy gel candles. We love to create - so we will try to ... » Read More