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Lucknow's Chikankari Style of Hand Embroidery

Lucknow, located at 27.95°N 80.77°E, is the capital city of modern day Uttar Pradesh. Known as the “The Constantinople of the East” earlier, the city effuses the culture of “Pehley Aap” (After You) the moment you step in it, a true City of Nawabs. With its glorious history and amazing arts, it tempts you to explore its jewels from the very first moment you hear about them We went there, to explore two its best finds – Chikankari and Kebabs.ChikankariInspired from Persian culture, Chikankari or Chikan literally means embroidery. It rose to prominence in the Mughal period under the patronage of Noor Jehan, empero... » Read More

Hand Embroidered Shawls with Beads

Ever thought of your shawl or wrap as a piece of jewelry? Come take a look at the shawl wrap stoles listed at and you'll know what I mean. Process of creating these shawls starts with taking fine quality, soft , thin wool material. Material ends are hand knotted to create tassles. Then the woven, multi-color patterns on the wrap are embellished with hand embroidery. This hand embroidery is further tastefully embellished with beads and sequins. Each one is unique and a perfect picture of elegance. ... » Read More