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Irish Coffee Recipes to go with Celtic Spirit Mugs

Try one of these delicious Irish Coffee recipes in your Celtic Spirit Mug:With Kahlúa:• Prep Time: 3 minutes• Total Time: 3 minutes• Yield: 1 CocktailIngredients:• 1 part Kahlúa Coffee Cream• 1 part Jameson Irish Whiskey• Freshly brewed coffee• Whipped cream for garnishPreparation:1. Combine ingredients in an Artists At Heart St. Patrick’s Day Spirit mug. 2. Stir to combine.3. Top with whipped cream.4. Note:  Whipping the cream is an extra step, but really worth the effort.  If you’re not up to in, prepared whipped cream in a can will do nicely.5. Note: Adjust the strength to y... » Read More

How the Buddha Named the Years

As you are no doubt aware, Chinese years are associated with animals, but you may not know how this tradition started.  Many, many years ago on New Year’s Eve, the Buddha called together the animals and twelve of them attended. To reward them, the Buddha named a year after each one.  The Buddha decided to give human beings born in those years some of the attributes of the animals associated with the year. For example, people  born in horse years like 2014 are said to be cheerful, skillful with money, perceptive, witty, talented and dextrous.The Chinese calendar is quite different from the Western calendar we use.  The Chinese is... » Read More

Tigers Eye

The gemstone for September is Tiger’s Eye, and it has what every woman wants–chatoyancy! Chatoyancey means changeable luster–who can do without that? In the case of Tiger’s Eye, it has this iridescence because when its asbestos fibers are converted to iron oxide and then silica, its rich brown and golden colors are formed. It is a gem variety of quartz, a metamorphic rock found mainly in South Africa near diamond mines. It was once as valuable as diamonds. As with the other stones of the month, Tiger’s Eye has many properties that bring advantages to the wearer. It is said to bring good luck and ... » Read More