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Don't Know What to Give Mom for Mother's Day?

If you're looking for gift ideas for Mother's Day, or any day that you want to gift that special woman in your life, those of us participating in the Mother's Day Countdown Week 2 can offer you a few ideas for that are sure to please any woman. So, if you're shopping for Mom, Grandmom, Auntie, Mom in Law or your sister, we have something that will make her smile. dianesdanglesOff white cream wood earrings gold hypoallergenic non nickel wiresSewAmazinCivil War Fabric Quilted Purse Tote Bag patchwork brownsPrettyGonzoBlue Titaniium Electroplated Quartz Gold Chain Czech Glass Necklace... » Read More

Another Year, Another Mother's Day Countdown

This year we are at it again! Many of us handmade and vintage people have teamed up to share our offerings that would make a great Mother' Day gift for moms OR would make a great gift for that special female in your life. We have gone through our treasures and selected a few that we wanted you to see. Here is a small sampling of our gift ideas:Copper Patina Discs Handmade Earrings Green Pearls Swarovski JewelryCovergirlbeadsHand Knit Teal Shawl with Knitted LoopkathisewnsewCobalt Blue Swarovski Dumortierite Gemstone Navy Glass Pearl NecklaceUmeboshiThis is only a small sampling of the wonderful gift ideas that we presented this week. To see the re... » Read More

We are Featured!

Click to view Handmade and Vintage for Mother's Day and Spring on ... » Read More

Mother's Day Ezine Featuring Many Artfire Artists

Click to view Celebrating Women on ... » Read More

Nothing is Like the Shine of Swarovski

I am a fan of the shine of Swarovski. I collect these little tiny beads that are so reflective and brilliant that I cannot always bring myself to take them out of the packages. I just want to admire them. Then when I do add them to my jewelry, I take so much time deciding on what colors and sizes that it takes me forever to finish the design. I enjoy using them in my designs and I really enjoy seeing what others have done with these beauties. Here are some of the JCUIN members take on these beautiful crystals and how they utilized them into their designs to make their jewelry really sparkle. Enjoy!Julie and BluCrystal Hearts from Shanghai TaiGirls... » Read More

The Many Faces of Jasper

Jasper is an amazing stone. By itself, it is considered an opaque rock with minerals and ash strewn throughout its composition. While it does not come in blues, it is extremely versatile in the coloration variations. Most are considered earthy, but that does not mean dull as dirt. Here are some of the many different variations that are being utilized in these beautiful pieces handcrafted from the JCUIN guild.Zebra Jasper has been used as the focal point in these earrings by ShanghaiTai.Subtle Autumn Jasper is the accent in these earrings by Crystal BazaarCatyAnn paired red jasper with black onyx to create this gorgeous set.In another example of Au... » Read More

Red and Green as Traditional Christmas Colors

The colors red and green are associated with Christmas. From wrapping paper to ribbons, Christmas would not be complete without a large dose of reds and greens. But, if you have ever wondered about the colors, you might be surprised to find out how these two colors became synonymous with Christmas. There are widely believed traditional thoughts as to the colors depending upon nationality and religious beliefs. Christians believe the green to be everlasting life, and the red is the blood of Christ. The Romans hung wreaths of holly to welcome the sun god and pageants filled with evergreen trees and hanging apples were part of first century church ho... » Read More

It's a Timeless Classic

No self-respecting woman would go without at least one piece of jewelry that is in the classic black and white combination. This combo goes with just about anything and can quickly dress up a pair of jeans or add elegance to a dinner out on the town. Black and white is timeless; this never goes out of style and can continue to be worn from generations to generations. If this combination is not a part of your wardrobe, or you know someone who is lacking this classic pairing, then here are some excellent examples of how great a black and white jewelry set can look. Be sure and add these to your shopping cart and buy something for everyone you love t... » Read More

Winter Earrings – The Canes Dangle from the Ears

This exercise was actually two-fold, if not more. I wanted to make 10mm polymer clay beads using my winter series of polymer clay canes. I was going to set them up for sale as earring pairs and just leave it at that until I actually finished the beads and held them in my hands. I knew as soon as I touched them that I wanted to create the earrings from them myself. I had been working on getting the technique for wire-wrapping down and had yet to try the closed loop for bead attachment. In fact, I have been totally intimidated by the closed loop – no matter how many times I looked at the instructions, it just did not click... » Read More

Ambush Suzyssentiments

AMBUSH FEATURE SHOP: Each week day Luvncraft tries to "feature" a different shop on the list. She started at the bottom of the list because those shop have been on the list the longest, and is working up the list.Todays featured shop is:  ... » Read More

Gorgeous Floral Polymer Clay Creations from Vievespolys

Luvncraft's: AMBUSH FEATURE SHOP: Each week day Luvncrafts tries to "feature" a different shop on the list. She started at the bottom of the list because those shop have been on the list the longest, and is working up the list.Todays featured shop is:Check out the beautiful polymer clay boxes and other work in this shop:   Come check out this great shop. They are still awaiting that first, much deserved, sale! Let's give them some views and maybe their first artfire sale! ... » Read More

Blu and His Christmas Present

Since we wandered up into the mountains this last spring, we have found ourselves in the middle of a college town with lots of active dog owners. With hundreds of hiking trails and no less than ten full scale dog parks, there are dogs everywhere. Walking downtown finds dogs enjoying the sunshine lying on the payment tied to a parking meter, while their owners are in having a beer or a sandwich. Everyone loves the dogs and the dogs seem to love everyone. We have yet to run into an anti-social dog. The dogs seem to come in every shape and color, with a propensity for the retrievers and the border collies. These dogs, bo... » Read More

Ambush Gesine Art

AMBUSH FEATURE SHOP: Each week day Luvncraft will try to "feature" a different shop on the list. She started at the bottom of the list because those shop have been on the list the longest, and is working up the list.Todays featured shop is:BIO: ... » Read More

Luvncrafts' Ambush Feature Shop

AMBUSH FEATURE SHOP: Each week day Luvncrafts tries to "feature" a different shop on the list. She has started at the bottom of the list because those shop have been on the list the longest, and is working her way up the list.Todays featured shop is:BIO: » Read More

Bead Types Word Search Puzzle for Blue Morning Expressions

Bead Types Word Search by Julie L. Cleveland Print and play this word search puzzle based on the types of beads that I enjoy working with. You might find your favorite in this list as well. Download the pdf puzzle here     E D C B U W J D B Y F A C E T E D H G R C P R Q V X E P Q O B E T V Z X M T D N W U O E J J I L D A D S Z Z H I K G S S U H N S A W O F G Q F H O T E T W O K T O N E E L X L S R P C S E W V J A J C E R E K G Q O A K X T R X F A N X A D E E R I R W I F U V L V Y C X M R R Q T E I L B R H H C P E C C ... » Read More

Gobble, Gobble � Things You Might not Know About Turkeys

Gobble, Gobble – Things You Might not Know About Turkeys As we all go about our daily activities preparing for that big feast tomorrow, here are some things you might enjoy knowing about your guest of honor. Yes, that guest; the turkey! Turkeys came from the forests in North and Central America in grassy areas with hardwood trees. These trees make a great place for the turkeys to roost to at night. They feed early in the morning and then later on in the mid-afternoon. They can be seen first thing in the morning, but do not try and sneak up on a turkey. They have excellent hearing and their vision is close to 270 degrees. If you ... » Read More
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