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Silk Sari's for Repurposing Upcycling into Sari Yarn or Sari RIbbon

Living In India one is surrounded by the Sari. A sari is still worn today as traditional womens dress. Sari's come in all colors and patterns and all fabrics from cottons to silk to the cheaper synthetic sari's. Just with any clothes after time holes and stains will appear, at the point we normally just throw them out. Well the Saris is no different, after the lady has used it and it is no longer suitable to wear,it gets a new life. Sari's are spun into yarn, woven into rugs,  cut into pieces and used for quilting. The possibilities of a used sari are endless. A sari generally comes 5 meters long that's a lot of material, I know I have ... » Read More

Recycled Embriodered and Beaded Sari Trim Borders

I've been sourcing Sari trim  from India for awhile now. They have been quite popular amongst my fellow artisans. Some buyers request a certain color scheme  or type of beading or embroidery. I try to accommodate them as best I can. So far everybody has been thrilled when their bundle of Vintage sari trims arrive at the door. Sari trim can be so exquisite I don't know how somebody can cut into it. Hand embroidered and painstakingly beaded these trims must take the artist hours and hours to sew together. Traditionally it was always done by hand but nowadays most embroidery you will find in the west  is done by machine. So when I'm out sou... » Read More