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Everything is a little scrambled

When moving over my AF blog posts, the order of my posting became a big scrambled.  my apologies.  New blogs in the future!... » Read More

Been busy busy!

Boy have I been busy this week.  I turned three bottle stoppers (will post photos soon) and worked on several items. I bought a Pneumatic Sanding drum set to work on my cake plate for the wedding.  I used it to smooth the edges on the tree stump cake plate and the roots.   here's an idea of what the smoothing did. I ended up recutting the roots and I'll post those photos soon, i felt that the roots were too symetrical.  I will reshape them and post tonight, along with images of me reshaping the roots I also had some time to work on the comissioned harmonica case.  I grouted the bloodwood... » Read More

Playing with my new lathe 6.10.2011

So i got a new midi lathe the other day and I was able to test it out.  I love it.  I played around turning a couple of bottle stoppers and a USB drive before a storm came into our area.  I'm glad I have this new lathe -  I usually use the community work shop to do a good bit of my wood working.  It's nice to have the option to come home and do some turing. Here are some of the things I worked on The two on the left are bottle stoppers.  The item on the right will be a USB flash drive.... » Read More

Prepairing for father's day

Father's day is this sunday, and I thought i'd test a future product on my dad:  a shaving kit. So i got out the lathe (after my workout, whew!) and turned a stand, the brush and razor handle.  The brush and razor handle are made of redheart wood.  The bottom of the stand is made of walnut wood.  The razor can accomidate a mach 3 razor blade I had some trouble with the brush as when i was cutting the piece of wood from the lathe i cut it a little too thin and the top broke off while I was trying to apply a finish.  lesson learned.  But i found out the magical wonders of using double sided tape (heavy duty stuff) and tap... » Read More

Harmonica case update: how to make wood look like brick

I spent some time refining the “brick building” technique. I originally was going to do it with a dremel tool, but the lines weren’t straight enough and weren't to my liking. So I did some more experimenting and decided I am going to handle chisel this inorder to get nice crisp lines.     First I draw my brick marks in pencil. Each brick is about 5/8” long, 1/4” high. I draw out my pattern using a square and a pencil, alternating the pattern up the piece. then i use a chisel to dap along the line that i drew.   Next i turn that chisel on it’s side and i remove the area t... » Read More

How I spent my summer vacation - intarsia Christmas ornaments

Michael and my wedding fast approaches in October so i have set the Christmas ornament production "machine" into high gear.  I was away on a trip and I was able to carve 27 ornaments on my trip (rainy days can be useful).  Here's an image of what i completed: and here's a photo of what i have completed: So i have 49 cut, shaped and glued.  All of the one featured still need the backing made along with an application of finish.  We're getting there.  I need to do another 50 christmas tree ornaments before October - I will not have a lot of time right before and right after my wedding. I'll keep you updated :) ... » Read More

Harmonica Case Comission

So this is a commissioned harmonica case that I am working on.  this gentleman wanted his likeness on a harmonica case.  So i sketched out an idea of him leaning against a brick wall, playing his harmonica.  His likeness would be done in intarsia.   I've been working on this project on and off for about 4 months, maybe longer - taking my time so i enjoy it making it.  treating it like a piece of art and not a "task" i have to complete.  I think it's coming along. Last night I did the finger joints.  the idea is to make the bloodwood like like a brick wall: ... » Read More

Wooden Christmas ornaments progression and Harmonica case update

Alright fans!  Here's an upclose look of 2011 Christmas ornaments! 49 Ornaments featured in this photo.  Note that none of this onrmaments have a finish on them. Close-up of some ornaments featured in the above photo 31 ornaments featured in this photo.  Note that none of this onrmaments have a finish on them. 80 intarsia ornaments cut and shaped, 20 more wooden Christmas ornaments to go!  I am hoping to get some fretwork ornaments and minature bird houses completed for the 2011 holiday season. While we're blogging, I thought i'd show my blog readers... » Read More

Wedding DIY woodworking a cake plate

So I have been working on my tree stump cake plate for my upcoming wedding.  A few weeks ago I glued up the cylinder.  This week I was able to work on the roots that will "grow" out of the stump   Here i am working on the bandsaw cutting out a rough sketched tree root when all the pieces have been cut I aligned them to the tree stump.  Note that there is about 1" uncut.  this will accommodate the sliding dove tails that will be used to attach the stump to the roots it's coming along nicely.  the next item action is to smooth down the edges of the cylind... » Read More

New blog

Just a quick update.  My old blog posts should transfer over soon.  Once they are up I will be happy to continue my adventure with you :)... » Read More