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Mantra Amulet Rings, Pendants And Bracelets

Hello everyone. Sorry I have been gone a while. I have had a few things in my family that has needed my full attention. It is all taken care of for the most part and now I am back. I have a bunch of new rings to show you. These are called Mantra ring or prayer rings. They are suppose to bring you luck and prosperity. I will be listing them in the next week I hope.I just ordered more of them so I will have enough to spead around. Here is a preview of what is going to be here for your pleasure.Then first on is called: Tibetan Vintage 3 color copper weaved filigree Amulet Ring    The next on has some Turquoise stones on both sides of the ope... » Read More

Food For Thought

Here is some food for thought. Something to pass the time until I get a new camera. Then the fun stuff happens with detailed patterns of my wire wrapping tecniques.Now is this not true?Now how true is this?He is Busted!!!!I have a dachshund of my own that is my best friend and is with me 24-7 by my side and under my feet constantly. I would not have it any other way. Would you?This is just wrong. What do you think?This one speaks for itself.I love this one. It is me all over. LOL... » Read More

On Going Brain Teasers, Quotes,And Jokes. Dated Day Of Posting

This is a blog of brain teasers and quotes and jokes that will all be dated the day it is posted here. This will be an on gong blog that will have entries posted the day given or found with the date it was posted here so you will know what is new for you to read and or look at. I will try to have the URL to the entry so that you may go there and see more for yourself if you want to. Everyone is welcome to submit their quotes, jokes and or pictures of interesting items that are hard to believe.  If you have a joke or a quote that goes with a picture then by all means send it along with your joke or quote. This goes with the brain teasers as wel... » Read More

Tips Tricks And Patterns From My Customers

Hello Everyone.I know I was suppose to do a wire wrap of my famous Sterling Silver Rounded Clasp that you see on a lot of my handmade Jewelry. Well this was suppose to be done last week and it did not happen. My brand new camera went out on me and I do not know what happened. It won't even charge the batteries either. I think it is my USB cord that needs replacing. So I have decided to do something new. I have dedicated this space to all Beaders and Crafters. A source for new Patterns to try and photo "Samples" to spark those creative juices! I will also post "Tips 'N Tricks"...tidbits of information that others have found to be useful. Ideas whic... » Read More

Carve Jade and Sold Jade

We Interesting things happening in my studio this week. One of the things happening is a 5% sale all the time when you make a comment an any of my items and tell me what you like and dislike about the item along with what you would like to see me have in this store for you to purchase at a very good price that is way under retail value of all of my items.Here is an item I just sold today that has a retail value of 72.99 and sold it for $22.85 with a small shipping and handling fee of $3.00. With the price so low I found it best to have a little help on the high cost of packaging materials.I pride myself in getting your items package safely and out... » Read More

My first Seed Beaded Items I Made To Sell

                                                SEED BEAD DESIGNSThis was the first seed bead project I ever did. It took me 2 full weeks to do and I worked on it for at least 8 to 10 hours a day non-stop.  It is made with size 15 Delica's seed beads, gold leaves that one side is AB, 2 colors of cubes that are Delica's. The stems that the leaves and cubes that are suppose to be the buds are on a light green and a dark green size 15 seed bead. I made a bud end with the seed beads to add the cubes and the leaves t... » Read More

Get to know me and my Staff

Hello EveryoneI have made several post's of my blog in the last weeks but for some reason it never ended up to where you could read it. It just went away in the clouds of lost blogs.Since I think I may have this figured out now. I would like to introduce you to my staff and myself. So here goes.Here is my little girl who inspires me every day and makes me do whatever she wants when she wants it. Just like a spoiled brat.            This is Ruby Dew my Dew Drop for Heaven. She will be 10 years old on November the 11th and has a lot of white on her cute little face because of her age. She is in love with Mac that lives kiddy ... » Read More