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Gingerbread Houses - A Little History, a Lot of Fun!

The origin of gingerbread can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians who ground ginger and mixed it with other spices to use in ceremonies.  Around the 11th Century the spicy concoction was introduced to the English people who over the years added flour and eggs and tweaked the recipe into what we know today.Many believe the first gingerbread man can be attributed to Queen Elizabeth I who is said to have presented visitors with gingerbread men in their own likeness.  Common folks could buy the tasty treats at street fairs where it was baked into many different shapes. In some places of the world, especially in Europe, crafting gi... » Read More

Time to Start Thinking Christmas!

The first snow has fallen here.  Oh, not enough to call out the plows, or even stick to the ground for that matter, but it snowed!  That tells me it's time to start thinking about Christmas.  Even if you live where it doesn't snow, the big day is just around the corner.When the kids were little, we got out the cookie cutters and did our best to make some decorated cookies for Santa.  None of us were very good at it, but we tried.  Our creations were mostly plain cookies with sugar sprinkles, but we sure had fun doing it.  Today I limit my cookie decorating to admiring the work of others.  I can not believe the artistry that go... » Read More

Feed the Birds

Yesterday someone mentioned they loved our cookie cutters and it was too bad they didn't bake or they would buy some.  Cookie cutters are not just for baking!  In fact, I hardly ever bake cookies, but I use them for crafting frequently.   This blog is about just one thing you can do with "cookie" cutters.This is far from a new idea, but it is one that is creative and useful at the same time.  Bird seed ornaments make a great gift for your bird loving friends.  We hang them outside on our pine tree at Christmas time as a present for the birds.  Our squirrel and deer friends enjoy them too.Here is how I do it.  There are tons... » Read More

Cookie Cutter Collectors - Beware the Imposter - Updated

Since I originally posted this, it has come to my attention that some of the information is not quite correct.  I discovered this when I ordered a batch of brand new cutters and found some of them have the same type edges as the older ones I have.  I have made the changes where necessary.  I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused, but evidently, HRM cutters are confusing to everyone.  I would not purchase any of these cutters at ridiculously high prices as "vintage" unless you really trust your seller.  We have only recently branched out into selling used and/or vintage cookie cutters.  So many of our customers were looking... » Read More

Ah Ha! I Found IT! - Great Cookie Baking Tips

Once I realized all the information I had once posted on my Art Fire blog had vanished into thin air I had to go on a search for the original information I had written up.  Never fear folks, I found it.  This little blurb is packed full of great cookie making tips.  I have edited it a bit and added some new info I picked up since I originally wrote it.Don't you wish this was a scratch & sniff picture?A major complaint regarding cut out cookies is they lose their shape in baking.   I’ve had quite a few customers refuse to buy detailed cutters because they are afraid the design will be lost when baked.   The problem lies ... » Read More

The Chill is Finally in the Air!

It is getting to be that time of year again.   Chill is in the air and the thought of heating up the oven is no longer disgusting.   I mean, who in their right mind bakes anything they don't absolutely have to during the Summer heat?  Well, the temperature is finally dropping and it is time to get out the flour, rolling pin and cookie cutters and get baking!Halloween is the first in line for threats.  Here is my favorite ghost that makes a great cookie for your parties.He's not too scary.  Just the right amount of "boo".  You and your icing can make him happier or more frightening, right?I am more into the "cute" part of Hallo... » Read More