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Ending of 2011

As the week draws towards the end, so does the year 2011.  It has been one weird year for me, but a happy one too. Boy, did it fly by. Seems like yesterday that it was 2010. I wonder if age has anything to do with it....lolI have had a busy year, and hope 2012 is even more eventful than this year. This year, we sponsored 4 needy families, and had a blast. There was 13 kids, ranging from the ages of 1 to 19... the 19 year old goes to college and works almost full time when not at school to help her mama and with her schooling. After we bought toys, clothing, books and art supplies, I made each set of parents a necklace each, and put it from the ... » Read More


Hope this Friday brings each of you a wonderful day. I have been busy all morning filling orders from a Jewelry class I taught last nite. The party was suppose to be a simple earring class, but turned into making several types of earrings, some necklaces, and bracelets. The party was to be from 5pm til 7pm, but instead went to midnite. We had a blast. NO..... there was no alcohol, but good ole ladies nite. These ladies learned a lot, but I learned too. I now have some super great ideas, thanks to this class. I will now have a class once a week. I will be adding new Jewelry very soon,  so keep checking back.... » Read More